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The Ruby on Rails Oceania (RORO) Meetup

I want to submit or request a talk!

Awesome! 🎉 Go check out the issues page and submit your proposal or request there!

I want information about the current/next meetup!

Check out the RORO Meetup page for all the latest info!

I want information about past meetups!

Information is a bit dispersed, but you can:

  • Check the contents of this repo under the appropriate dated directory
    (eg 2017/09 contains information about the September 2017 meetup)
  • Check out the wiki page
  • Check the Meetup page and run a search for the meetup you're looking for.

I want to see the pretty meetup slide decks!

Feel free to clone this repo! Depending on the slide deck (see the README file in the dated meetup directory for details), the markdown in the slide decks can be used and viewed in either:

git clone
cd roro

Code of Conduct

All RORO events are sponsored by Ruby Australia and are run under its code of conduct.

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