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Starting a Local School

Email the Team

Send us an email at with your desired school display name, eg. "Bordeaux, France" or "New York City", and slug, eg. "bordeaux" or "nyc", and the email address corresponding to your user account.

What to Expect

A Rails School team member with admin access will create a row in the schools table for your new school. The team member will give you admin and teacher bit in the users table, and also set your school_id to that of the new school.

Your Next Steps

  1. Create a first venue for your school by filling out the New Venue Form
  2. Create a first lesson for your venue by filling out the New Lesson Form
  3. Spread the word - visit the Show Lesson page for your new lesson and click the "Notify Subscribers" link near the bottom

Hacking on the Website

You may have ideas to improve the website to better support your school - please submit an issue, or better yet, create a pull request create a pull request.

Getting Help

Shoot us an email any time at and join us on Slack Slack Status.

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