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TinyTDS – DBLIB Connection Mode

All the details related to using TinyTDS for the adapter.

Legacy Platform Installation – ODBC Connection Modes

This section covers common details installation the low level platform specific libraries for us to talk to SQL Server. On unix this covers FreeTDS and unixODBC/iODBC. On windows the details cover most of the difficulties for installing ruby and compiling native odbc extensions.

Rails DB Rake Tasks

The rake tasks bundled with rails for creating and destroying your database are not suited for the different platforms and SQL Server. If you’re connecting from a unix system and running rake tasks for testing, cloning your DB can be a pain. This will make it easier

Using GUID’s As Primary Keys

Reading GUID columns works fine, but here is how to use them as your primary keys and have them set automatically for new records.

Using SQL Azure

The collective information for using the SQL Server Adapter with SQL Azure

Join The Google Group

If you do not find any answers here, join the group on google and ask away! If your message does not show up right away, do not worry. New members are moderated and usually approved for posting in a few minutes.

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