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* 0.5.2 *
* Always convert password option to string. Fixes #92.
* Move test system to real MiniTest::Spec. All tests pass on Azure too.
* Raise and handle encoding errors on DB writes. Fixes #89.
* 0.5.1 *
* Change how we configure with iconv, basically it is always needed. Fixes #11 & #69.
* 0.5.0 *
* Copy mysql2s handling of Time and Datetime so 64bit systems are leveraged. Fixes #46 and #47. Thanks @lsylvester!
* Add CFLAGS='-fPIC' for libtool. Fix TDS version configs in our ports file. Document. Fixes #45
* Update our TDS version constants to reflect changed 8.0/9.0 to 7.1/7.2 DBLIB versions in FreeTDS
while making it backward compatible, again like FreeTDS. Even tho you can not configure FreeTDS with
TDS version 7.2 or technically even use it, I added tests to prove that we correctly handle both
varchar(max) and nvarchar(max) with large amounts of data.
* FreeTDS 0.91 has been released. Update our port scripts.
* Add test for 0.91 and higher to handle incorrect syntax in sp_executesql.
* Returning empty result sets with a command batch that has multiple statements is now the default. Use :empty_sets => false to override.
* Do not raise a TinyTds::Error with our message handler unless the severity is greater than 10.
* 0.4.5 *
* Includes precompiled Windows binaries for FreeTDS 0.91rc2 & LibIconv. No precompiled OpenSSL yet for Windows to SQL Azure.
* Fixed symbolized unicode column names.
* Use same bigint ruby functions to return identity. Hopefully fixes #19.
* Release static libs for Windows.
* Change how :host/:port are implemented. Now sending "host:port" to :dataserver.
* 0.4.4 *
* New :host/:port connection options. Removes need for freetds.conf file.
* 0.4.3 *
* New Client#active? method to check for good connection. Always use this abstract method.
* Better SYBEWRIT "Write to SQL Server failed." error handling. New Client#dead? check.
* Azure tested using latest FreeTDS with submitted patch.
* 0.4.2 *
* Iconv is a dep only when compiling locally. However, left in the ability to configure
it for native gem installation but you must use
--enable-iconv before using --with-iconv-dir=/some/dir
* Really fix what 0.4.1 was supposed to do, force SYBDBLIB compile.
* 0.4.1 *
* Undefine MSDBLIB in case others have explicitly compiled FreeTDS with "MS db-lib source compatibility: yes".
* 0.4.0 *
* Allow SYBEICONVI errors to pass thru so that bad data is converted to ? marks.
* Build native deps using MiniPortile [Luis Lavena]
* Allow Result#fields to be called before iterating over the results.
* Two new client helper methods, #sqlsent? and #canceled?. Possible to use these to determine current
state of the client and the need to use Result#cancel to stop processing active results. It is also
safe to call Result#cancel over and over again.
* Look for the syb headers only.
* 0.3.2 *
* Small changes while testing JRuby. Using options hash for connect vs many args.
* 0.3.1 *
* Fix bad gem build.
* 0.3.0 *
* Access stored procedure return codes.
* Make sure dead or not enabled connections are handled.
* Fix bad client after timeout & read from server errors.
* 0.2.3 *
* Do not use development ruby/version, but simple memoize an eval check on init to find out, for 1.8.6 reflection.
* 0.2.2 *
* Fixed failing test in Ruby 1.8.6. DateTime doesn't support fractional seconds greater than 59.
See: [Erik Bryn]
* 0.2.1 *
* Compatibility with 32-bit systems. Better cross language testing. [Klaus Gundermann]
* 0.2.0 *
* Convert GUID's in a more compatible way. [Klaus Gundermann]
* Handle multiple result sets in command buffer or stored procs. [Ken Collins]
* Fixed some compiler warnings. [Erik Bryn]
* Avoid segfault related to smalldatetime conversion. [Erik Bryn]
* Properly encode column names in 1.9. [Erik Bryn]
* 0.1.0 Initial release!
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