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Active Record Deprecated Finders

This gem is a dependency of Rails 4.0 to provide deprecated finder functionality.

It will be removed as a dependency in Rails 4.1, but users can manually include it in their Gemfile and it will continue to be maintained until Rails 5.

This gem is used to extract and deprecate old-style finder option hashes in Active Record:

Post.find(:all, conditions: { published_on: 2.weeks.ago }, limit: 5)

as well as the following dynamic finders:

  • find_all_by_...
  • find_last_by_...
  • scoped_by_...
  • find_or_initialize_by_...
  • find_or_create_by_...

Note that find(primary_key), find_by..., and find_by...! are not deprecated.

To avoid reliance on this gem, you'll need to migrate your finder usage.

To migrate dynamic finders to Rails 4.1+:

  • find_all_by_... should become where(...).
  • find_last_by_... should become where(...).last.
  • scoped_by_... should become where(...).
  • find_or_initialize_by_... should become find_or_initialize_by(...).
  • find_or_create_by_... should become find_or_create_by(...).

To migrate old-style finder option hashes and for additional information, please refer to:

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