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jasonkarns Support lazy setting of config options
Similar to how the rest of Rails gained lazy config initialization
which was later refactored to leverage framework-wide on_load hook
, ActiveResource now lazily applies configuration options from the
railtie. This allows active_resource config settings to be set within
`Rails.application.configure` block from an initializer file.

Prior to this change, ActiveResource's `set_configs` initializer ran
prior to an application's initializer file.
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associations/builder Fix uninitialized constant error loading resources with inverse assoc… Mar 3, 2016
formats Don't raise a TypeError when trying to parse nil as JSON. Jun 15, 2017
active_job_serializer.rb Add ActiveJob serialization support Apr 5, 2018
associations.rb Fix uninitialized constant error loading resources with inverse assoc… Mar 3, 2016
base.rb Rails 6 support Feb 20, 2018
callbacks.rb Add support for AR-like callbacks Mar 18, 2012
collection.rb Merge branch 'master' of into feature… Dec 6, 2015
connection.rb Whitespaces Oct 25, 2017
custom_methods.rb Flag for "include format in path". The idea is let this optionally. Sep 3, 2012
exceptions.rb fix bad nodocs Nov 30, 2011
formats.rb check for Enumerable instead Sep 6, 2013
http_mock.rb Remove trailing spaces Jun 10, 2016
log_subscriber.rb The logger nows logs a synthetic '523' error. Fix 150 Feb 14, 2018
observing.rb Move observers support to rails-observers Jun 19, 2016
railtie.rb Support lazy setting of config options Apr 19, 2018
reflection.rb use the class name in options Sep 28, 2013
schema.rb Custome exceptations still not used in schema.rb Mar 15, 2012
singleton.rb save prefix_options to instantiated object in #find_singleton Jun 4, 2014
threadsafe_attributes.rb Fix threadsafe attributes in fibers May 9, 2017
validations.rb Avoid using alias_method_chain, now deprecated in Active Support May 5, 2015
version.rb Upgrade ActiveResource for Rails 5 Sep 9, 2015