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Don't fail on boot because of missing S3 keys when S3 is not used

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colorfulfool committed Jul 14, 2017
1 parent 6dcdc5c commit 62e5562edb72f591c6af4c4da2bce3db18b5ba36
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  1. +2 −2 lib/active_storage/storage_services.yml
@@ -9,8 +9,8 @@ local:
# Use rails secrets:edit to set the AWS secrets (as shared:aws:access_key_id|secret_access_key)
service: S3
access_key_id: <%=[:access_key_id] %>
secret_access_key: <%=[:secret_access_key] %>
access_key_id: <%= Rails.application.secrets.dig(:aws, :access_key_id) %>
secret_access_key: <%= Rails.application.secrets.dig(:aws, :secret_access_key) %>
region: us-east-1
bucket: your_own_bucket

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