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limit members of the AST are visited

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+== 2.0.7 (unreleased)
+* Bug Fixes
+ * Limit members are visited
== 2.0.6 12/01/2010
* Bug Fixes

1 comment on commit 0c20538

I remember ActiveRecord had tests that a #to_i conversion was done on limit/offset which was good for params string options be passed down. Is this still the case? I noticed your tests just visit the object so "20-xyx" would not be 20 anymore. Does it not matter for other DBs to have LIMIT '20' vs LIMIT 20? In the case of SQL Server it will come out to TOP (N'20') if a string is passed in, unless I am missing something at this stage and what I am seeing for tests under 2.0.2 and passing :limit => '20'

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