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Saving "last_column" in visit_Arel_Attributes_Attributes may break Arel::Nodes::NamedFunction #153

gama opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Maybe I'm not "doing it right", but I cound't find any solutions by browsing through the source code or checking
Google... So, here it goes:

When calling a named function such as "CONCAT" with table columns/attributes among the parameters, the type of the column/attribute is used to convert the following attribute. As far as I could understand, this is required to properly convert the type of the right hand side of binary visitors, and is acomplished by saving the "last_column" instance attribute when visiting a Arel::Attribute::Atribute (which is later used by "quote").

However, when supplying a list of values to a named function (or any other arel node which uses "{}" I believe), the evaluation of the nodes sequentially breaks due to this type convertion.

An example always helps, so:

class T < ActiveRecord::Base
ts = T.arel_table'CONCAT', [ts['id'], '#']).to_sql
# "CONCAT(`complaint_records`.`id`, 0)"

Not that the '#' string is converted to 0, because the previous value in the array is an Arel::Attributes::Attribute whose type is "integer".

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