[2.1.1] Arel::Visitors::Visitor's global DISPATCH cache breaks when some visitors don't implement all visit methods #57

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jhtwong commented Jun 2, 2011

I've been writing some new ARel visitors and ran into a confusing problem where if I run certain custom visitors, some of their visit_* methods won't be called when expected.

Turns out the issue has to do with the global DISPATCH cache in Arel::Visitors::Visitor - since the default visit method is inherited into subclasses, all visitors share the same cache!

This means if I have a visitor that implements only visit_Arel_Nodes_Join (but not visit_Arel_Nodes_OuterJoin and visit_Arel_Nodes_InnerJoin), the method would never be called if another visitor (e.g. ToSql) has been run before. This is because the cache would indicate that a Arel::Nodes::OuterJoin should always be visited via visit_Arel_Nodes_OuterJoin, regardless of what is implemented in that particular visitor.

One solution I found is to replace the constant with a per-class-object cache:

def self.dispatch_cache
  @dispatch_cache ||= Hash.new do |hash, klass|
    hash[klass] = "visit_#{(klass.name || '').gsub('::', '_')}"

def visit object
  send self.class.dispatch_cache[object.class], object
rescue NoMethodError => e
  raise e if respond_to?(self.class.dispatch_cache[object.class], true)
  superklass = object.class.ancestors.find { |klass|
    respond_to?(self.class.dispatch_cache[klass], true)
  raise(TypeError, "Cannot visit #{object.class}") unless superklass
  self.class.dispatch_cache[object.class] = self.class.dispatch_cache[superklass]

Hopefully this could make it into the next release of ARel.

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