Fixing the Arel::Nodes::SqlLiteral Psych dump issue #169

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I don't know if it is an acceptable solution; anyway, I defined custom encode_with and init_with methods for Arel::Nodes::SqlLiteral which restores the Psych dump of SqlLiteral instances (issue #149).

@mdesantis mdesantis Custom encode_with and init_with (fixes #149)
It declares encode_with and init_with for Arel::Nodes::SqlLiteral, which restores the dump / load with Psych.

Got this from @codetriage. @ProGNOMmers any updates on this issue?

I'm still using the monkeypatch of the issue #149 and I've never got problems (it is inside the code of a couple of web apps in production)

tamird commented Sep 16, 2014

obsolete: was fixed in fcb00d3. good to close

@matthewd matthewd closed this Sep 16, 2014
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