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Stubs out a new model. Pass the model name, either CamelCased or
under_scored, and an optional list of attribute pairs as arguments.
Attribute pairs are field:type arguments specifying the
model's attributes. Timestamps are added by default, so you don't have to
specify them by hand as 'created_at:datetime updated_at:datetime'.
You don't have to think up every attribute up front, but it helps to
sketch out a few so you can start working with the model immediately.
This generator invokes your configured ORM and test framework, which
defaults to ActiveRecord and TestUnit.
Finally, if --parent option is given, it's used as superclass of the
created model. This allows you create Single Table Inheritance models.
If you pass a namespaced model name (e.g. admin/account or Admin::Account)
then the generator will create a module with a table_name_prefix method
to prefix the model's table name with the module name (e.g. admin_account)
Available field types:
Just after the field name you can specify a type like text or boolean.
It will generate the column with the associated SQL type. For instance:
`rails generate model post title:string body:text`
will generate a title column with a varchar type and a body column with a text
type. You can use the following types:
You can also consider `references` as a kind of type. For instance, if you run:
`rails generate model photo title:string album:references`
It will generate an album_id column. You should generate this kind of fields when
you will use a `belongs_to` association for instance. `references` also support
the polymorphism, you could enable the polymorphism like this:
`rails generate model product supplier:references{polymorphic}`
You can also specify some options just after the field type. You can use the
following options:
limit Set the maximum size of the field giving a number between curly braces
default Set a default value for the field
precision Defines the precision for the decimal fields
scale Defines the scale for the decimal fields
uniq Defines the field values as unique
index Will add an index on the field
`rails generate model user pseudo:string{30}`
`rails generate model user pseudo:string:uniq`
`rails generate model account`
For ActiveRecord and TestUnit it creates:
Model: app/models/account.rb
Test: test/models/account_test.rb
Fixtures: test/fixtures/accounts.yml
Migration: db/migrate/XXX_add_accounts.rb
`rails generate model post title:string body:text published:boolean`
Creates a Post model with a string title, text body, and published flag.
`rails generate model admin/account`
For ActiveRecord and TestUnit it creates:
Module: app/models/admin.rb
Model: app/models/admin/account.rb
Test: test/models/admin/account_test.rb
Fixtures: test/fixtures/admin/accounts.yml
Migration: db/migrate/XXX_add_admin_accounts.rb
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