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  • Ensure method_missing is called for methods passed to ActiveModel::Serialization#serializable_hash that don't exist.

    Jay Elaraj

  • Add ActiveModel::Dirty#[attr_name]_previously_changed? and ActiveModel::Dirty#[attr_name]_previous_change to improve access to recorded changes after the model has been saved.

    It makes the dirty-attributes query methods consistent before and after saving.

    Fernando Tapia Rico

  • Deprecate the :tokenizer option for validates_length_of, in favor of plain Ruby.

    Sean Griffin

  • Deprecate ActiveModel::Errors#add_on_empty and ActiveModel::Errors#add_on_blank with no replacement.

    Wojciech Wnętrzak

  • Deprecate ActiveModel::Errors#get, ActiveModel::Errors#set and ActiveModel::Errors#[]= methods that have inconsistent behaviour.

    Wojciech Wnętrzak

  • Allow symbol as values for tokenize of LengthValidator.

    Kensuke Naito

  • Assigning an unknown attribute key to an ActiveModel instance during initialization will now raise ActiveModel::AttributeAssignment::UnknownAttributeError instead of NoMethodError.

    Example: 'some value')
    # => ActiveModel::AttributeAssignment::UnknownAttributeError: unknown attribute 'foo' for User.

    Eugene Gilburg

  • Extracted ActiveRecord::AttributeAssignment to ActiveModel::AttributeAssignment allowing to use it for any object as an includable module.


    class Cat
      include ActiveModel::AttributeAssignment
      attr_accessor :name, :status
    cat =
    cat.assign_attributes(name: "Gorby", status: "yawning")   # => 'Gorby'
    cat.status # => 'yawning'
    cat.assign_attributes(status: "sleeping")   # => 'Gorby'
    cat.status # => 'sleeping'

    Bogdan Gusiev

  • Add ActiveModel::Errors#details

    To be able to return type of used validator, one can now call details on errors instance.


    class User < ActiveRecord::Base
      validates :name, presence: true
    user =; user.valid?; user.errors.details
    => {name: [{error: :blank}]}

    Wojciech Wnętrzak

  • Change validates_acceptance_of to accept true by default.

    The default for validates_acceptance_of is now "1" and true. In the past, only "1" was the default and you were required to add accept: true.

  • Remove deprecated ActiveModel::Dirty#reset_#{attribute} and ActiveModel::Dirty#reset_changes.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Change the way in which callback chains can be halted.

    The preferred method to halt a callback chain from now on is to explicitly throw(:abort). In the past, returning false in an ActiveModel or ActiveModel::Validations before_ callback had the side effect of halting the callback chain. This is not recommended anymore and, depending on the value of the config.active_support.halt_callback_chains_on_return_false option, will either not work at all or display a deprecation warning.

Please check 4-2-stable for previous changes.

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