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Commits on Sep 22, 2012
  1. Francesco Rodríguez

    nodoc AR::Railtie [ci skip]

    frodsan authored
  2. Francesco Rodríguez
  3. Francesco Rodríguez
  4. Francesco Rodríguez
  5. Francesco Rodríguez
  6. Francesco Rodríguez
  7. Steve Klabnik
  8. Francesco Rodríguez
  9. Francesco Rodríguez
  10. Francesco Rodríguez
  11. Francesco Rodríguez
Commits on Sep 21, 2012
  1. Francesco Rodríguez
  2. Vijay Dev
  3. José M. Corcuera
  4. Jeremy Kemper

    Use default charset/collation only if *neither* is specified. Otherwi…

    jeremy authored
    …se we set utf8_unicode_ci collation on latin1 table.
  5. Vijay Dev
  6. Vijay Dev
  7. José M. Corcuera
  8. Vijay Dev
  9. José M. Corcuera
  10. Vijay Dev

    Merge branch 'master' of

    vijaydev authored
    While resolving conflicts, I have chosen to ignore changes done in
    docrails at some places - these will be most likely 1.9 hash syntax
  11. Vijay Dev

    remove nodoc [ci skip]

    vijaydev authored
  12. Stephan Hagemann
  13. Jon Leighton

    Make the serializable test much looser

    jonleighton authored
    It's too hard to test this properly, so let's just check that there are
    no errors.
  14. Rafael Mendonça França

    Merge pull request #7724 from joliss/changelog

    rafaelfranca authored
    Fix MIME type in CHANGELOG [ci skip]
  15. Jo Liss

    Fix MIME type in CHANGELOG

    joliss authored
  16. Jon Leighton

    Support for specifying transaction isolation level

    jonleighton authored
    If your database supports setting the isolation level for a transaction,
    you can set it like so:
      Post.transaction(isolation: :serializable) do
        # ...
    Valid isolation levels are:
    * `:read_uncommitted`
    * `:read_committed`
    * `:repeatable_read`
    * `:serializable`
    You should consult the documentation for your database to understand the
    semantics of these different levels:
    An `ActiveRecord::TransactionIsolationError` will be raised if:
    * The adapter does not support setting the isolation level
    * You are joining an existing open transaction
    * You are creating a nested (savepoint) transaction
    The mysql, mysql2 and postgresql adapters support setting the
    transaction isolation level. However, support is disabled for mysql
    versions below 5, because they are affected by a bug
    ( which means the isolation level
    gets persisted outside the transaction.
  17. Jo Liss

    Revert "Fix MIME type in CHANGELOG"

    joliss authored
    CHANGELOG edits do not belongs on docrails, so I'll send a pull request
    instead. Thanks @rafaelfranca for catching this.
    This reverts commit 84c9491.
  18. Jo Liss

    Fix MIME type in CHANGELOG

    joliss authored
  19. Steve Klabnik

    Add extra note about :dependent => :destroy.

    steveklabnik authored
    Callbacks may interfere with each other.
  20. Jon Leighton

    Merge pull request #5248 from jcoleman/should-unset-association-when-…

    jonleighton authored
    Unset association when existing record is destroyed.
  21. Carlos Antonio da Silva
  22. przemek

    correct a typo

    phocke authored
  23. przemek

    Add missing "m" char

    phocke authored
  24. przemek
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