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Commits on Nov 29, 2014
  1. Erik Michaels-Ober
Commits on Sep 20, 2014
  1. Matthew Draper

    Skip isolated tests for PRs

    matthewd authored
    They're valuable, but the types of errors they catch are fairly rare: we
    can address them post-merge when they show up.
Commits on Sep 10, 2014
  1. Cristian Bica
Commits on Aug 14, 2014
  1. Cristian Bica
Commits on May 16, 2014
  1. Arun Agrawal
Commits on May 3, 2014
  1. Yves Senn

    Revert "Merge pull request #14940 from arunagw/hbakhtiyor-test-db-nam…

    senny authored
    This reverts commit fe98596, reversing
    changes made to add9560.
  2. Arun Agrawal
Commits on Jun 20, 2013
  1. Łukasz Strzałkowski

    Add ActionView to CI

    strzalek authored
Commits on Mar 21, 2013
  1. Vipul A M
Commits on Jul 24, 2012
  1. graceliu

    remove duplicate build runs in travis. These extra runs were used to

    graceliu authored
    test identity map and not fully removed when the feature was removed.
Commits on Mar 13, 2012
  1. Carlos Antonio da Silva
  2. Prem Sichanugrist

    Remove Active Resource source files from the repository

    sikachu authored
    Dear Active Resource,
    It's not that I hate you or anything, but you didn't get much attention lately. There're so many alternatives out there, and I think people have made their choice to use them than you. I think it's time for you to have a big rest, peacefully in this Git repository.
    I will miss you,
Commits on Nov 28, 2011
  1. Sergey Parizhskiy
Commits on Jul 26, 2011
  1. Santiago Pastorino

    Remove cruise files

    spastorino authored
Commits on Jul 15, 2011
  1. Josh Kalderimis

    Added a .travis.yml config and travis specific ci script.

    joshk authored
    Don't install ruby-debug if running the test suite on Travis,
    linecache19 is the main offender, very very slow.
    And do not install pg if Travis is bundling the gems, pg will be setup
    on Travis soon.
Commits on Jun 30, 2011
  1. Santiago Pastorino
  2. Santiago Pastorino

    Update CI config

    spastorino authored
Commits on Jun 6, 2011
  1. Jon Leighton

    Don't ensure all keys in build_results are only written once, otherwi…

    jonleighton authored
    …se we get false positive builds reported.
Commits on Mar 6, 2011
  1. Akira Matsuda
Commits on Mar 4, 2011
  1. Santiago Pastorino

    Fix CI

    spastorino authored
  2. Santiago Pastorino
Commits on Jan 12, 2011
  1. Santiago Pastorino
Commits on Oct 22, 2010
  1. Xavier Noria

    copy-edits some CI traces

    fxn authored
Commits on Sep 18, 2010
  1. Prem Sichanugrist José Valim

    [CI] Remove RailTies temporary directory on every run

    sikachu authored josevalim committed
    There was an error on CI regarding unable to require `arel` gem from source when testing application build for a while ago. It seems to me like there's a permission problem on the process of cloning the application and removing Gemfile. This would make sure that the temporary application got removed every time the build is run.
    Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
Commits on Aug 29, 2010
  1. Santiago Pastorino
Commits on Aug 19, 2010
  1. Santiago Pastorino
Commits on Aug 15, 2010
  1. Santiago Pastorino

    MySQL2 added to CI

    spastorino authored
Commits on Aug 14, 2010
  1. Santiago Pastorino

    Deletes trailing whitespaces (over text files only find * -type f -ex…

    spastorino authored
    …ec sed 's/[ \t]*$//' -i {} \;)
Commits on Jul 15, 2010
  1. Santiago Pastorino Aaron Patterson
Commits on Jul 13, 2010
  1. Santiago Pastorino Yehuda Katz

    Makes CI builder install --pre version of Bundler, now that bundle in…

    spastorino authored wycats committed
    …stall works again
Commits on Jul 11, 2010
  1. Santiago Pastorino
Commits on Jun 14, 2010
  1. Xavier Noria

    edit pass: the names of Rails components have a space, ie, "Active Re…

    fxn authored
    …cord", not "ActiveRecord"
Commits on Jun 13, 2010
  1. Yehuda Katz

    CI changes per Chad's request

    wycats authored
Commits on Apr 13, 2010
  1. Anil Wadghule Yehuda Katz

    Replace deprecated RAILS_ROOT to Rails.env [#4373 state:resolved]

    anildigital authored wycats committed
    Signed-off-by: wycats <>
Commits on Mar 28, 2010
  1. Yehuda Katz
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