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removed TIP: :allow_nil/:allow_blank is ignored by the presence validator #122

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These tips were documenting an inconsistency issue rails/rails#8621. that issue is resolved by rails/rails#8622.


We don't accept pull request at docrails since everyone can push to it. Please just push it


Will do. I think I'll wait for the Rails pull request to resolve first. I hope that goes to Rails 3 too, but if it only goes to Rails 4, would it be appropriate for this tip to stay but be modified to say "Rails 3 only"? I assume there is no separate Guide for Rails 4 yet.


These guides are to Rails 4, since they are for the master branch. It is all done from the Rails side, the behavior was changed on master only.


Got it. Done.

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Commits on Dec 26, 2012
  1. @ColinDKelley

    Removed TIP: :allow_nil/:allow_blank is ingored by the presence valid…

    ColinDKelley authored
    …ator (companion to Github Issue #8621)
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@@ -656,8 +656,6 @@ class Coffee < ActiveRecord::Base
-TIP: `:allow_nil` is ignored by the presence validator.
### `:allow_blank`
The `:allow_blank` option is similar to the `:allow_nil` option. This option
@@ -673,8 +671,6 @@ Topic.create("title" => "").valid? # => true
Topic.create("title" => nil).valid? # => true
-TIP: `:allow_blank` is ignored by the presence validator.
### `:message`
As you've already seen, the `:message` option lets you specify the message that
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