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Include `Enumerable` in `ActiveRecord::Relation`

After discussing, we've decided it makes more sense to include it. We're
already forwarding every conflicting method to `to_a`, and there's no
conflation of concerns. `Enumerable` has no mutating methods, and it
just allows us to simplify the code. No existing methods will have a
change in behavior. Un-overridden Enumerable methods will simply
delegate to `each`.

[Sean Griffin & bogdan]
latest commit b644964b2b
@sgrif sgrif authored
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associations raise ActiveModel::MissingAttributeError when trying to access a rela…
attribute Persist user provided default values, even if unchanged
attribute_methods Copy-edits in 04c3496
coders Provide a better error message for unsupported classes in `serialize`
connection_adapters make `remove_index :table, :column` reversible.
fixture_set Introduce a context for rendering fixtures ERB.
locale Move required error message and changelog to Active Record
locking Update old link in pessimistic.rb comments
migration make `remove_index :table, :column` reversible.
relation Include `Enumerable` in `ActiveRecord::Relation`
scoping Fix eager loading association using default_scope for finder methods.
serializers Remove most type related predicates from `Column`
tasks Changed mysqldump to include sprocs and functions
type Refactoring `ActiveRecord::Type::Integer` limit
type_caster `type_cast_for_database` -> `serialize`
validations Missing note on validates_presence_of validation [ci skip]
aggregations.rb Fix NetAddr link [ci skip]
association_relation.rb Properly create through records when called with `where`
associations.rb [ci skip] Fix the API docs for Bi-directional associations
attribute.rb `type_cast_from_user` -> `cast`
attribute_decorators.rb Attribute assignment and type casting has nothing to do with columns
attribute_methods.rb Attribute assignment and type casting has nothing to do with columns
attribute_set.rb Significantly improve the performance of `_read_attribute` on JRuby
autosave_association.rb Always perform validations on nested attribute associations
callbacks.rb typo fix [ci skip]
core.rb copy-edits the docs of dump_schemas [ci skip]
counter_cache.rb Improve consistency of counter caches updating in memory
dynamic_matchers.rb Remove support to activerecord-deprecated_finders
enum.rb A few documentation edits [ci skip]
errors.rb AR::RecordNotSaved & RecordNotDestroyed should include an error message
explain.rb Fixed typo in comment
explain_registry.rb add :nodoc: mark to *Registry classes [ci skip]
explain_subscriber.rb Let WITH (CTE) queries be explainable
gem_version.rb Start Rails 5 development :tada:
inheritance.rb invalid sti error message contains the full class name.
integration.rb Use #model_name on instances instead of classes
legacy_yaml_adapter.rb Add YAML compatibility for objects from Rails 4.2
log_subscriber.rb Don't invoke sql_runtime if logger is not set to info
model_schema.rb Return a `Point` object from the PG Point type
nested_attributes.rb "maybe" => "may be"
no_touching.rb Add nodoc to touch at no_touching.rb
null_relation.rb Fix NullRelation.update_all and .exists? signature to match the same …
persistence.rb refactor ActiveRecord's #become by simplifying code
query_cache.rb remove blank lines in the start of the ActiveRecord files
querying.rb Added #or to ActiveRecord::Relation
railtie.rb Merge pull request #20516 from kares/patch-2
readonly_attributes.rb Pass symbol as an argument instead of a block
relation.rb Include `Enumerable` in `ActiveRecord::Relation`
result.rb `Type#type_cast_from_database` -> `Type#deserialize`
runtime_registry.rb Stop using method missing for singleton delegation.
schema.rb remove blank lines in the start of the ActiveRecord files
schema_migration.rb Fix circular import warning on build
scoping.rb Isolate access to .default_scopes in ActiveRecord::Scoping::Default
secure_token.rb Update documentation to contain a 24 char token [ci skip]
store.rb Fix type case of "validations" and word-wrap from #17954 [ci skip]
suppressor.rb Apply Active Record suppression to all saves
table_metadata.rb Respect custom primary keys for associations in `Relation#where`
timestamp.rb Fix warning: `*' interpreted as argument prefix
touch_later.rb Batch touch parent records
transactions.rb [ci skip] Upcase `SAVEPOINT`
translation.rb Split out most of the AR::Base code into separate modules :cake:
type.rb Add docs for the type registry
validations.rb Move the `validate!` method to `ActiveModel::Validations`.
version.rb Introduce `Rails.gem_version`
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