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Translating Rails Guides

Kang-Kyu Lee edited this page · 9 revisions

We are happy to have people volunteer to translate the Rails guides into their own language.

If you want to translate the Rails guides in your own language, follows these steps:

  • Fork this project (rails/docrails).
  • Add a source folder for your own language, for example: guides/source/it-IT for Italian.
  • Copy the contents of guides/source into your own language directory and translate them.
  • Do NOT translate the HTML files, as they are automatically generated.

To generate the guides in HTML format cd into the guides direcotry then run (eg. for it-IT):

bundle install
bundle exec rake guides:generate:html GUIDES_LANGUAGE=it-IT

This will generate the guides in an output directory.

NOTE: The instructions are for Rails > 4. The Redcarpet Gem doesn't work with JRUBY.

Translation efforts we know about (various versions):

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