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=JavaScript testing plugin
This plugin provides the JavaScript unit testing framework
in a way that integrates with Rails applications.
Use the provided generator to built a skeleton for your JavaScript test.
The built-in rake task can then be used to automatically run the unit tests
in various installed browsers (supported are Firefox on IE/Mac/Linux,
Safari on Mac, Konqueror on Linux).
Note that due to the built-in webrick, you don't have to change anything
about your app, just add tests. :)
Generate a JavaScript test skeleton for your public/javascripts/foo.js file:
script/generate javascript_test foo
Run the unit tests (an "assertTruth" dummy test is provided,
so you should see "SUCCESS" messages), and see the automagically
controlled browsers in action:
rake test:javascripts
You have to manually close the browser window(s) afterwards.
You can also run the test manually, by symlinking the assets directory.
In your Rails application root, run:
ln -s ../../vendor/plugins/javascript_test/assets/ test/javascript/assets
You then can just open the individual .html test files in your browser.
All in all, unittest.js is closely modelled on Test::Unit. You can find lots
of examples in both the Prototype and SVN repositories.
You'll find more info on how to write tests on the wiki:
The documentation there is not really complete, so feel free to help out.
Join the Rails Spinoffs Google Group, or ask on #prototype on
Big thanks with sugar on the top to Jon Tirsen, who authored the automated
browser remote control-gadgetry.
* Some more docs and a presentation :)
* Make ^C aborting work
== License
Copyright (c) 2005-2008 Thomas Fuchs, released under the MIT license