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Journey 2.0.0+ will only support Ruby 1.9.3+

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1 parent 3a83781 commit 6d462f2003297ad6d5dba940fed0f123549e36e2 @spastorino spastorino committed Jul 23, 2012
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5 .travis.yml
@@ -1,7 +1,2 @@
- - 1.8.7
- - 1.9.2
- 1.9.3
- - jruby
- - rbx
- - ree
3 Rakefile
@@ -19,6 +19,9 @@ Hoe.spec 'journey' do
["rdoc", "~> 3.11"],
+ self.spec_extras = {
+ :required_ruby_version => '>= 1.9.3'
+ }
rule '.rb' => '.y' do |t|

8 comments on commit 6d462f2


Even JRuby support is being dropped?


@spastorino i'm curious about why jRuby is being dropped. can you elaborate on that? Also, why's rbx being dropped?

Ruby on Rails member

Guys, please see the next commit.

Ruby on Rails member

Seems like it's just running MRI :(, @rosenfeld @samgranieri if you want to help to get JRuby and Rbx running allowing failures and making the tests green PRs are welcome :)

Ruby on Rails member

I've tried another thing and it's not working, I'm done with this stuff. If you want let me know and I will merge any PR fixing this.
Thanks a lot guys!!


Where are the instructions for setting up the development environment so that I could run the tests by myself to see what is failing?


I guess it is just bundle; rake test. I'll give it a try on jruby shortly


The parser seems to be used dynamically and it relies on racc which is not supported by JRuby. I'll report this on the JRuby mailing list to see if they have some suggestion.

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