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Fix jQuery version constant #97

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3 participants

Andrey Sitnik Steve Schwartz Kenn Ejima
Andrey Sitnik
ai commented


Steve Schwartz JangoSteve merged commit 01e32a6 into from
Andrey Sitnik
ai commented

What about #98 . It’s not a first issue in version constant.

Steve Schwartz

I think we like explicitly having the version numbers written in that file. Makes it easy and convenient to see what's included.

Andrey Sitnik
ai commented

Hm. Maybe we should add Travis task, to detect wrong version on pull request or push?

Kenn Ejima kenn referenced this pull request in kenn/jquery-rails-cdn

Jquery.js is correct, but google cdn version is still 1.8.3 #15

Kenn Ejima

Could you point release this fix? jquery-rails-cdn depends on this constant and needs this fix. kenn/jquery-rails-cdn#15

Steve Schwartz

Just pushed 2.2.1. Also includes latest jquery-ujs and jquery 1.9.1.

Steve Schwartz

@ai We use rake release to tag, push to Github, and release on Maybe we could override the release task to have it cross-check the version numbers, abort if they're mismatched, and delegate to the existing release task if everything is okay. If someone wanted to submit that, I'd pull it in.

Kenn Ejima kenn referenced this pull request from a commit in kenn/jquery-rails
Kenn Ejima kenn Check version before rake release. Refs #97 7c0ee2b
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Commits on Jan 21, 2013
  1. Andrey Sitnik

    Fix jQuery version constant

    ai authored
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  1. +1 −1  lib/jquery/rails/version.rb
2  lib/jquery/rails/version.rb
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
module Jquery
module Rails
VERSION = "2.2.0"
- JQUERY_VERSION = "1.8.3"
+ JQUERY_VERSION = "1.9.0"
JQUERY_UJS_VERSION = "bddff6a677edc54f00e48bde740b0b22d68deef6"
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