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7329013 @JangoSteve Added CHANGELOG.
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2 =========
4 Here is a non-exhaustive list of notable changes to jquery-ujs (oldest
5 to newest):
7 - [`085d910a5ec07b69`]( last version before callback names updated
8 - [`72d875a8d57c6bb4`]( callback name updates completed
9 - [`e076121248913143`]( dropped support for jQuery 1.4, 1.4.1, 1.4.2 (separate [v1.4 branch]( created)
10 - [`498b35e24cdb14f2`]( last version before `.callRemote()` removed
11 - [`ec96408a746d3b06`]( `ACCEPTS` header data-type default changed to prefer `:js` but not require it
12 - [`fc639928d1e15c88`]( default form method changed from `POST` to `GET`
13 - [`e9311550fdb3afeb`]( added CSRF Protection to remote requests
14 - [`a284dd706e7d76e8`]( CSRF fixed - changed to only add if token is present
15 - [`f9b21b3a3c7c4684`]( `ajax:before` added back
61fdae0 @JangoSteve Added one other major commit version to changelog.
JangoSteve authored
16 - [`7f2acc1811f62877`]( last version before file-upload aborting behavior added
7329013 @JangoSteve Added CHANGELOG.
JangoSteve authored
17 - [`ca575e184e93b3ef`]( added `ajax:aborted:required` and `ajax:aborted:file` event hooks
18 - [`d2abd6f9df4e4a42`]( fixed submit and bubbling behavior for IE
19 - [`d59144177d867908`]( created external api via `$.rails` object
a634e75 @JangoSteve Added jQuery 1.6 support to the changelog.
JangoSteve authored
20 - [`cd357e492de14747`]( added support for jQuery 1.6 and dropped support for jQuery 1.4.3
8ecc2d7 @JangoSteve Updated CHANGELOG with latest major updates.
JangoSteve authored
21 - [`50c06dcc02c1b08c`]( added `confirm:complete` event hook which is passed result from confirm dialog
22 - [`8063d1d47ea6a08e`]( made $.rails.confirm and $.rails.ajax functions available in $.rails object
23 - [`a96c4e9b074998c6`]( added support for jQuery 1.6.1
2b5d458 @JangoSteve Updated CHANGELOG.
JangoSteve authored
24 - [`dad6982dc5926866`]( added support for `data-params` attribute on remote links
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