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Original Event? #228

danott opened this Issue · 1 comment

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In some scenarios, it would be nice to have access to the original jQuery Event that triggered the the remote functionality.

In my inspection of the events passed as arguments for ajax:*, I could find no reference to an originating event.

My idea for this support comes from the jQuery doc regarding event.originalEvent.

Usage idea: Changing the functionality of the remote by recognizing a modifier key with ajax:beforeSend. shift+click could change parameters that modify the result returned by the remote.


I'm not sure the event.originalEvent is actually referring to the same thing. It sounds like it's referring to the native JS event, and also from that paragraph:

This is not recommended, since it adds overhead to every event delivered by jQuery.

However, on the topic of providing a way to view the original event, I think that sounds reasonable, and we could easily pass the original event as an argument in the ajax:before hook, which isn't currently taking any arguments.

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