Can't turn crossDomain off with'cross-domain', false) #232

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I want to turn crossDomain parameter off when I generate ajax request from http://myhost.mydomain/ to https://myhost.mydomain/ (jQuery determines the request as cross-domain one because the protocol is different between these two urls).

For the purpose I wrote as below.

$("#the_anchor_id").data('cross-domain', false);

jQuery, however, determines the request as cross-domain automatically, because jquery_ujs.js sets crossDomain parameter null in line 105 (version 1.0.17)

crossDomain ='cross-domain') || null,

I guess the line should be

crossDomain ='cross-domain') === undefined ? null :'cross-domain'),

Thank you.


JangoSteve commented Aug 13, 2012

Thanks for the report. Fixed.

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