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Unchecked required checkboxes don't prevent form submission in IE8 / Safari #236

allspiritseve opened this Issue · 2 comments

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In IE8 and Safari (and presumably any browser that doesn't support HTML5 form validation), unchecked checkboxes with required="required" don't prevent form submission.

Looking at the code on line 236:

if (nonBlank ? input.val() : !input.val()) {

It's only checking val() on required inputs, but checkboxes return a value even if unchecked so they will never be deemed "blank".

Ruby on Rails member

I'd like to make sure if we change this, that we keep it consistent with the browsers that do support HTML5 form validation. Do you know off-hand how Opera/Chrome handles this? I.e. do they consider unchecked required checkboxes to be invalid?

Ruby on Rails member

OK, I've confirmed that both Chrome and Opera treat unchecked required checkbox inputs as invalid with their built-in HTML5 form validation.

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