Add support to be loaded as an AMD module #266

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billmag commented Jun 28, 2012

It'd be great if jquery-ujs defined itself so it could be loaded by RequireJS ( with jQuery as a dependency.

Newer versions of jQuery now support this, so one would be able to list jquery_ujs as a dependency instead of jquery in their modules and require.js would do the right thing.


JangoSteve commented Aug 13, 2012

For now, I'm going to mark this as a potential future enhancement. I'm not opposed to adding AMD support, but I'm cautiously skeptical. The issues with adding AMD support are described in-depth in this thread for underscore.js and [this discussion in sylvester.js[(

The short version is, adding AMD support could potentially break applications which happen to be using RequireJS but not for jquery-ujs. This can be avoided by defining some boilerplate to load both the AMD definition and the global namespace, but it's a lot of boilerplate considering you can already use jquery-ujs with RequireJS using the shim config.

leppert commented Dec 4, 2014

@JangoSteve +1 for this. Fun running into you on this thread. Hope you're well.

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