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This commit adds the functionality to fetch the data-params attribute from the link and add fields to the form that express the values from the data-param attributes.

This is useful for POST-requests via links that should post parameters instead of sending them in the URL.

bcm commented Feb 18, 2013


I've got similar behavior in an extension I've written (except mine handles params of type object as well by creating rails-style bracket names, eg <input name="foo[bar][baz]" value="quux" type="hidden"> for a param foo with value {bar: {baz: 'quux'}}).

one suggestion: you probably want to replace any " characters in params[key] with &quot; so that the generated string is parsed by the browser correctly.


ghost commented Mar 1, 2013

this needs to be pulled ASAP!!!!


JangoSteve commented Mar 1, 2013

This can't be pulled in as-is. There's no such thing as a params attribut on a link tag, so using this would require the use of invalid HTML. Instead, it should be looking for the data-params attribute, which would be accessed via'params').

Also, I don't get line 200. The params variable would be populated with the value of data-params, which would be a string, but then you're looping through it like it's an array or object.

bcm commented Mar 2, 2013

using attr instead of data is probably a simple mistake. and his use case probably requires data('params') to be set programmatically with an object.

if @phillipp doesn't get around to updating his pull request in a couple days then I'll submit one that addresses these issues.

phillipp added a commit to phillipp/jquery-ujs that referenced this pull request Mar 5, 2013

phillipp commented Mar 5, 2013

Yes, use of attr() was a mistake while copying my path over to another repo. This is fixed by the last commit. As passing an object into the data-params makes the most sense for me, the method is looping over the object.


JangoSteve commented May 29, 2013

Hey @phillipp, could you squash your two commits down into one and update this PR? We also need to get a test added to make sure this is working as intended. If you could do that, I can pull this in right away. otherwise, I'll have to write one when I get some time.

Adds data-params handling for handleMethod. This allows the link_to h…
…andler with e.g. method: "post" to add post fields from the a-tags data-params attribute to the form.

Hi @JangoSteve, thanks for picking this up again. I suqashed the two commits, but I just have a few hours left before some travel and I can't deal with the testing right now. Sorry.


JangoSteve commented May 30, 2013

Thanks. I'll have to write a test when I get some time then. The one thing I'm concerned about, is that this only allows for data-params to be added as an actual jQuery data object on the link via JS. In fact, if someone had something like

<a href="/somewhere" data-remote=true data-method="post" data-params="my_value=hello">Click</a>

This would append 14 hidden fields to be appended to the form like this:

<input name="0" value="m" type="hidden" />
<input name="1" value="y" type="hidden" />

And so on. Given that data-params allows a string or object elsewhere in jquery-ujs, I think it'd be reasonable for people to expect this to be consistent.

I'm wondering if we should check to see if it's a string first, and if so, append it to the form's action.

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