Running Tests and Contributing

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The test suite for rails.js is written with the JavaScript test framework, QUnit, and served with a light-weight Sinatra application to build the test template and back-end responses.

To start contributing to jquery-ujs, you can follow these steps (assuming you have Ruby installed):

  1. git clone git:// jquery-ujs
  2. cd jquery-ujs
  3. bundle install
  4. ruby test/server.rb
  5. Visit http://localhost:4567 in your browser.
  6. Click the version links at the top right of the page to run the test suite with the different supported versions of jQuery.

And now we're all on the same page. Here are some additional notes to keep in mind when developing your patch for jquery-ujs.

  • The tests can be found in:
  • Some tests ensure consistent behavior across the major browsers, meaning it is possible for tests to pass in Firefox, but fail in Internet Explorer. If possible, it helps if you can run the test suite in multiple browsers before submitting patches.