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# Unobtrusive JavaScript
# Released under the MIT license
#= require ./config
#= require_tree ./utils
#= require_tree ./features
fire, delegate
getData, $
refreshCSRFTokens, CSRFProtection
enableElement, disableElement
handleRemote, formSubmitButtonClick, handleMetaClick
} = Rails
# For backward compatibility
if jQuery? and not jQuery.rails
jQuery.rails = Rails
jQuery.ajaxPrefilter (options, originalOptions, xhr) ->
CSRFProtection(xhr) unless options.crossDomain
Rails.start = ->
# Cut down on the number of issues from people inadvertently including
# rails-ujs twice by detecting and raising an error when it happens.
throw new Error('rails-ujs has already been loaded!') if window._rails_loaded
# This event works the same as the load event, except that it fires every
# time the page is loaded.
# See
# See
window.addEventListener 'pageshow', ->
$(Rails.formEnableSelector).forEach (el) ->
enableElement(el) if getData(el, 'ujs:disabled')
$(Rails.linkDisableSelector).forEach (el) ->
enableElement(el) if getData(el, 'ujs:disabled')
delegate document, Rails.linkDisableSelector, 'ajax:complete', enableElement
delegate document, Rails.linkDisableSelector, 'ajax:stopped', enableElement
delegate document, Rails.buttonDisableSelector, 'ajax:complete', enableElement
delegate document, Rails.buttonDisableSelector, 'ajax:stopped', enableElement
delegate document, Rails.linkClickSelector, 'click', handleConfirm
delegate document, Rails.linkClickSelector, 'click', handleMetaClick
delegate document, Rails.linkClickSelector, 'click', disableElement
delegate document, Rails.linkClickSelector, 'click', handleRemote
delegate document, Rails.linkClickSelector, 'click', handleMethod
delegate document, Rails.buttonClickSelector, 'click', handleConfirm
delegate document, Rails.buttonClickSelector, 'click', disableElement
delegate document, Rails.buttonClickSelector, 'click', handleRemote
delegate document, Rails.inputChangeSelector, 'change', handleConfirm
delegate document, Rails.inputChangeSelector, 'change', handleRemote
delegate document, Rails.formSubmitSelector, 'submit', handleConfirm
delegate document, Rails.formSubmitSelector, 'submit', handleRemote
# Normal mode submit
# Slight timeout so that the submit button gets properly serialized
delegate document, Rails.formSubmitSelector, 'submit', (e) -> setTimeout((-> disableElement(e)), 13)
delegate document, Rails.formSubmitSelector, 'ajax:send', disableElement
delegate document, Rails.formSubmitSelector, 'ajax:complete', enableElement
delegate document, Rails.formInputClickSelector, 'click', handleConfirm
delegate document, Rails.formInputClickSelector, 'click', formSubmitButtonClick
document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', refreshCSRFTokens)
window._rails_loaded = true
if window.Rails is Rails and fire(document, 'rails:attachBindings')