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e1daf3f @jeremy Remove bin dir from .gitignore
jeremy authored
1 pkg
2 .bundle
d7c1057 @jeremy Bump bundler dependency to 1.0.0.beta.2 or later
jeremy authored
3 Gemfile.lock
30ad182 @samgranieri preventing generated documentation from being picked up by git. [#37 …
samgranieri authored
4 debug.log
a02d672 @jeremy Horo rdoc template
jeremy authored
5 doc/rdoc
e3f5fd5 Add ActiveModel's ./pkg and ./doc to .gitignore
Carl Lerche authored
6 activemodel/doc
30ad182 @samgranieri preventing generated documentation from being picked up by git. [#37 …
samgranieri authored
7 activeresource/doc
8 activerecord/doc
9 actionpack/doc
10 actionmailer/doc
11 activesupport/doc
a062992 @dcrec1 added activesupport/test/tmp to gitignore
dcrec1 authored
12 activesupport/test/tmp
e945bcf @lifo Add test sqlite3 db to .gitignore
lifo authored
13 activemodel/test/fixtures/fixture_database.sqlite3
f3fc5c4 Refactor ActionView::Resolver
Yehuda Katz + Carl Lerche authored
14 actionpack/test/tmp
bb1e177 @lifo .gitignore activesupport/test/fixtures/isolation_test
lifo authored
15 activesupport/test/fixtures/isolation_test
aa0732d @carllerche Ignore the dist directory
carllerche authored
16 dist
c111522 @FooBarWidget The 'rails' command was broken by the last commit. Fix that.
FooBarWidget authored
17 railties/test/500.html
9dd1e2f @josevalim Starting test structure.
josevalim authored
18 railties/test/fixtures/tmp
3ca504c @josevalim Removed remaining old generators files.
josevalim authored
19 railties/test/initializer/root/log
40d90ed @pixeltrix Ignore generated railties RDocs [#4289 state:resolved]
pixeltrix authored
20 railties/doc
96d6105 @lifo Merge docrails along with the new guides and guides generation code
lifo authored
21 railties/guides/output
accd9b4 @josh Restore "Start Rails::Application object
josh authored
22 railties/tmp
cd12c36 @amerine Added .rvmrc to gitignore
amerine authored
23 .rvmrc
b0b7070 @tenderlove we should not ignore all gems in here
tenderlove authored
24 RDOC_MAIN.rdoc
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