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require 'abstract_unit'
class TestRequestTest < ActiveSupport::TestCase
test "sane defaults" do
env =
assert_equal "GET", env.delete("REQUEST_METHOD")
assert_equal "off", env.delete("HTTPS")
assert_equal "http", env.delete("rack.url_scheme")
assert_equal "", env.delete("SERVER_NAME")
assert_equal "80", env.delete("SERVER_PORT")
assert_equal "/", env.delete("PATH_INFO")
assert_equal "", env.delete("SCRIPT_NAME")
assert_equal "", env.delete("QUERY_STRING")
assert_equal "0", env.delete("CONTENT_LENGTH")
assert_equal "", env.delete("HTTP_HOST")
assert_equal "", env.delete("REMOTE_ADDR")
assert_equal "Rails Testing", env.delete("HTTP_USER_AGENT")
assert_equal [0, 1], env.delete("rack.version")
assert_equal "", env.delete("rack.input").string
assert_kind_of StringIO, env.delete("rack.errors")
assert_equal true, env.delete("rack.multithread")
assert_equal true, env.delete("rack.multiprocess")
assert_equal false, env.delete("rack.run_once")
assert env.empty?, env.inspect
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