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Scaffolds an entire resource, from model and migration to controller and
views, along with a full test suite. The resource is ready to use as a
starting point for your RESTful, resource-oriented application.
Pass the name of the model (in singular form), either CamelCased or
under_scored, as the first argument, and an optional list of attribute
Attribute pairs are field:type arguments specifying the
model's attributes. Timestamps are added by default, so you don't have to
specify them by hand as 'created_at:datetime updated_at:datetime'.
You don't have to think up every attribute up front, but it helps to
sketch out a few so you can start working with the resource immediately.
For example, 'scaffold post title:string body:text published:boolean'
gives you a model with those three attributes, a controller that handles
the create/show/update/destroy, forms to create and edit your posts, and
an index that lists them all, as well as a resources :posts
declaration in config/routes.rb.
If you want to remove all the generated files, run
'script/destroy scaffold ModelName'.
`./script/generate scaffold post`
`./script/generate scaffold post title:string body:text published:boolean`
`./script/generate scaffold purchase order_id:integer amount:decimal`
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