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    Stubs out a scaffolded controller, its seven RESTful actions and related
    views. Pass the model name, either CamelCased or under_scored. The
    controller name is retrieved as a pluralized version of the model name.

    To create a controller within a module, specify the model name as a
    path like 'parent_module/controller_name'.

    This generates a controller class in app/controllers and invokes helper,
    template engine and test framework generators.

    `rails generate scaffold_controller CreditCard`

    Credit card controller with URLs like /credit_card/debit.
        Controller: app/controllers/credit_cards_controller.rb
        Functional Test: test/functional/credit_cards_controller_test.rb
        Views: app/views/credit_cards/index.html.erb [...]
        Helper: app/helpers/credit_cards_helper.rb
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