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*0.6.1* (22th March, 2005)
* Fix that method response QNames mismatched with that declared in the WSDL, makes SOAP::WSDLDriverFactory work against AWS again
* Fix that @request.env was being modified, instead, dup the value gotten from env
* Fix XML-RPC example to use :layered mode, so it works again
* Support casting '0' or 0 into false, and '1' or 1 into true, when expecting a boolean value
* Fix that SOAP fault response fault code values were not QName's #804
*0.6.0* (7th March, 2005)
* Add action_controller/test_invoke, used for integrating AWS with the Rails testing infrastructure
* Allow passing through options to the SOAP RPC driver for the SOAP client
* Make the SOAP WS marshaler use #columns to decide which fields to marshal as well, avoids providing attributes brought in by associations
* Add <tt>ActionWebService::API::Base.allow_active_record_expects</tt> option, with a default of false. Setting this to true will allow specifying ActiveRecord::Base model classes in <tt>:expects</tt>. API writers should take care to validate the received ActiveRecord model objects when turning it on, and/or have an authentication mechanism in place to reduce the security risk.
* Improve error message reporting. Bugs in either AWS or the web service itself will send back a protocol-specific error report message if possible, otherwise, provide as much detail as possible.
* Removed type checking of received parameters, and perform casting for XML-RPC if possible, but fallback to the received parameters if casting fails, closes #677
* Refactored SOAP and XML-RPC marshaling and encoding into a small library devoted exclusively to protocol specifics, also cleaned up the SOAP marshaling approach, so that array and custom type marshaling should be a bit faster.
* Add namespaced XML-RPC method name support, closes #678
* Replace '::' with '..' in fully qualified type names for marshaling and WSDL. This improves interoperability with .NET, and closes #676.
*0.5.0* (24th February, 2005)
* lib/action_service/dispatcher*: replace "router" fragments with
one file for Action Controllers, moves dispatching work out of
the container
* lib/*,test/*,examples/*: rename project to
ActionWebService. prefix all generic "service" type names with web_.
update all using code as well as the RDoc.
* lib/action_service/router/wsdl.rb: ensure that #wsdl is
defined in the final container class, or the new ActionPack
filtering will exclude it
* lib/action_service/struct.rb,test/struct_test.rb: create a
default #initialize on inherit that accepts a Hash containing
the default member values
* lib/action_service/api/action_controller.rb: add support and
tests for #client_api in controller
* test/router_wsdl_test.rb: add tests to ensure declared
service names don't contain ':', as ':' causes interoperability
* lib/*, test/*: rename "interface" concept to "api", and change all
related uses to reflect this change. update all uses of Inflector
to call the method on String instead.
* test/api_test.rb: add test to ensure API definition not
* lib/action_service/invocation.rb: change @invocation_params to
* lib/*: update RDoc
* lib/action_service/struct.rb: update to support base types
* lib/action_service/support/signature.rb: support the notion of
"base types" in signatures, with well-known unambiguous names such as :int,
:bool, etc, which map to the correct Ruby class. accept the same names
used by ActiveRecord as well as longer versions of each, as aliases.
* examples/*: update for seperate API definition updates
* lib/action_service/*, test/*: extensive refactoring: define API methods in
a seperate class, and specify it wherever used with 'service_api'.
this makes writing a client API for accessing defined API methods
with ActionWebService really easy.
* lib/action_service/container.rb: fix a bug in default call
handling for direct dispatching, and add ActionController filter
support for direct dispatching.
* test/router_action_controller_test.rb: add tests to ensure
ActionController filters are actually called.
* test/protocol_soap_test.rb: add more tests for direct dispatching.
* First public release
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