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Rails 4.0.0 (unreleased)

  • Remove j alias for ERB::Util#json_escape. The j alias is already used for ActionView::Helpers::JavaScriptHelper#escape_javascript and both modules are included in the view context that would confuse the developers.

    Akira Matsuda

  • Replace deprecated memcache-client gem with dalli in ActiveSupport::Cache::MemCacheStore

    Guillermo Iguaran

  • Add default values to all ActiveSupport::NumberHelper methods, to avoid errors with empty locales or missing values.

    Carlos Antonio da Silva

  • ActiveSupport::JSON::Variable is deprecated. Define your own #as_json and

    encode_json methods for custom JSON string literals.

    Erich Menge

  • Add String#indent. fxn & Ace Suares

  • Inflections can now be defined per locale. singularize and pluralize accept locale as an extra argument.

    David Celis

  • Object#try will now return nil instead of raise a NoMethodError if the receiving object does not implement the method, but you can still get the old behavior by using the new Object#try!.


  • ERB::Util.html_escape now escapes single quotes. Santiago Pastorino

  • Time#change now works with time values with offsets other than UTC or the local time zone. Andrew White

  • ActiveSupport::Callbacks: deprecate usage of filter object with #before and #after methods as around callback. Bogdan Gusiev

  • Add Time#prev_quarter and Time#next_quarter short-hands for months_ago(3) and months_since(3). SungHee Kang

  • Remove obsolete and unused require_association method from dependencies. fxn

  • Add :instance_accessor option for config_accessor.

    class User
      include ActiveSupport::Configurable
      config_accessor :allowed_access, instance_accessor: false
    end = true # => NoMethodError        # => NoMethodError

    Francesco Rodriguez

  • ActionView::Helpers::NumberHelper methods have been moved to ActiveSupport::NumberHelper and are now available via Numeric#to_s. Numeric#to_s now accepts the formatting options :phone, :currency, :percentage, :delimited, :rounded, :human, and :human_size. Andrew Mutz

  • Add Hash#transform_keys, Hash#transform_keys!, Hash#deep_transform_keys, and Hash#deep_transform_keys!. Mark McSpadden

  • Changed xml type datetime to dateTime (with upper case letter T). Angelo Capilleri

  • Add :instance_accessor option for class_attribute. Alexey Vakhov

  • constantize now looks in the ancestor chain. Marc-Andre Lafortune & Andrew White

  • Adds Hash#deep_stringify_keys and Hash#deep_stringify_keys! to convert all keys from a +Hash+ instance into strings Lucas Húngaro

  • Adds Hash#deep_symbolize_keys and Hash#deep_symbolize_keys! to convert all keys from a +Hash+ instance into symbols Lucas Húngaro

  • Object#try can't call private methods. Vasiliy Ermolovich

  • AS::Callbacks#run_callbacks remove key argument. Francesco Rodriguez

  • deep_dup works more expectedly now and duplicates also values in +Hash+ instances and elements in +Array+ instances. Alexey Gaziev

  • Inflector no longer applies ice -> ouse to words like slice, police, ets Wes Morgan

  • Add ActiveSupport::Deprecations.behavior = :silence to completely ignore Rails runtime deprecations twinturbo

  • Make Module#delegate stop using send - can no longer delegate to private methods. dasch

  • AS::Callbacks: deprecate :rescuable option. Bogdan Gusiev

  • Adds Integer#ordinal to get the ordinal suffix string of an integer. Tim Gildea

  • AS::Callbacks: :per_key option is no longer supported

  • AS::Callbacks#define_callbacks: add :skip_after_callbacks_if_terminated option.

  • Add html_escape_once to ERB::Util, and delegate escape_once tag helper to it. Carlos Antonio da Silva

  • Remove ActiveSupport::TestCase#pending method, use skip instead. Carlos Antonio da Silva

  • Deprecates the compatibility method Module#local_constant_names, use Module#local_constants instead (which returns symbols). fxn

  • Deletes the compatibility method Module#method_names, use Module#methods from now on (which returns symbols). fxn

  • Deletes the compatibility method Module#instance_method_names, use Module#instance_methods from now on (which returns symbols). fxn

  • BufferedLogger is deprecated. Use ActiveSupport::Logger, or the logger from Ruby stdlib.

  • Unicode database updated to 6.1.0.

  • Adds encode_big_decimal_as_string option to force JSON serialization of BigDecimals as numeric instead of wrapping them in strings for safety.

  • Remove deprecated ActiveSupport::JSON::Variable. Erich Menge

Please check 3-2-stable for previous changes.

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