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  • Add a properties API to allow custom types and type casting behavior to be specified. Will enable many edge cases to be deprecated, and allow for additional interesting features in the future.

    Sean Griffin

  • Fix has_and_belongs_to_many public reflection. When defining a has_and_belongs_to_many, internally we convert that to two has_many. But as reflections is a public API, people expect to see the right macro.

    Fixes #14682.


  • Fixed serialization for records with an attribute named format.

    Fixes #15188.

    Godfrey Chan

  • When a group is set, sum, size, average, minimum and maximum on a NullRelation should return a Hash.

    Kuldeep Aggarwal

  • Fixed serialized fields returning serialized data after being updated with update_column.

    Simon Hørup Eskildsen

  • Fixed polymorphic eager loading when using a String as foreign key.

    Fixes #14734.

    Lauro Caetano

  • Change belongs_to touch to be consistent with timestamp updates

    If a model is set up with a belongs_to: touch relationship the parent record will only be touched if the record was modified. This makes it consistent with timestamp updating on the record itself.

    Brock Trappitt

  • Fixed the inferred table name of a has_and_belongs_to_many auxiliar table inside a schema.

    Fixes #14824

    Eric Chahin

  • Remove unused :timestamp type. Transparently alias it to :datetime in all cases. Fixes inconsistencies when column types are sent outside of ActiveRecord, such as for XML Serialization.

    Sean Griffin

  • Fix bug that added table_name_prefix and table_name_suffix to extension names in PostgreSQL when migrating.

    Joao Carlos

  • The :index option in migrations, which previously was only available for references, now works with any column types.

    Marc Schütz

  • Add support for counter name to be passed as parameter on CounterCache::ClassMethods#reset_counters.


  • Restrict deletion of record when using delete_all with uniq, group, having or offset.

    In these cases the generated query ignored them and that caused unintended records to be deleted.

    Fixes #11985.

    Leandro Facchinetti

  • Floats with limit >= 25 that get turned into doubles in MySQL no longer have their limit dropped from the schema.

    Fixes #14135.

    Aaron Nelson

  • Fix how to calculate associated class name when using namespaced has_and_belongs_to_many association.

    Fixes #14709.

    Kassio Borges

  • ActiveRecord::Relation::Merger#filter_binds now compares equivalent symbols and strings in column names as equal.

    This fixes a rare case in which more bind values are passed than there are placeholders for them in the generated SQL statement, which can make PostgreSQL throw a StatementInvalid exception.

    Nat Budin

  • Fix stored_attributes to correctly merge the details of stored attributes defined in parent classes.

    Fixes #14672.

    Brad Bennett, Jessica Yao, Lakshmi Parthasarathy

  • change_column_default allows [] as argument to change_column_default.

    Fixes #11586.

    Yves Senn

  • Handle name and "char" column types in the PostgreSQL adapter.

    name and "char" are special character types used internally by PostgreSQL and are used by internal system catalogs. These field types can sometimes show up in structure-sniffing queries that feature internal system structures or with certain PostgreSQL extensions.

    J Smith, Yves Senn

  • Fix PostgreSQLAdapter::OID::Float#type_cast to convert Infinity and NaN PostgreSQL values into a native Ruby Float::INFINITY and Float::NAN


    Point.create(value: 1.0/0)
    Point.last.value # => 0.0


    Point.create(value: 1.0/0)
    Point.last.value # => Infinity

    Innokenty Mikhailov

  • Allow the PostgreSQL adapter to handle bigserial primary key types again.

    Fixes #10410.

    Patrick Robertson

  • Deprecate joining, eager loading and preloading of instance dependent associations without replacement. These operations happen before instances are created. The current behavior is unexpected and can result in broken behavior.

    Fixes #15024.

    Yves Senn

  • Fixed has_and_belongs_to_many's CollectionAssociation size calculation.

    has_and_belongs_to_many should fall back to using the normal CollectionAssociation's size calculation if the collection is not cached or loaded.

    Fixes #14913, #14914.

    Fred Wu

  • Return a non zero status when running rake db:migrate:status and migration table does not exist.

    Paul B.

  • Add support for module-level table_name_suffix in models.

    This makes table_name_suffix work the same way as table_name_prefix when using namespaced models.

    Jenner LaFave

  • Revert the behaviour of ActiveRecord::Relation#join changed through 4.0 => 4.1 to 4.0.

    In 4.1.0 Relation#join is delegated to Arel#SelectManager. In 4.0 series it is delegated to Array#join.

    Bogdan Gusiev

  • Log nil binary column values correctly.

    When an object with a binary column is updated with a nil value in that column, the SQL logger would throw an exception when trying to log that nil value. This only occurs when updating a record that already has a non-nil value in that column since an initial nil value isn't included in the SQL anyway (at least, when dirty checking is enabled.) The column's new value will now be logged as <NULL binary data> to parallel the existing <N bytes of binary data> for non-nil values.

    James Coleman

  • Rails will now pass a custom validation context through to autosave associations in order to validate child associations with the same context.

    Fixes #13854.

    Eric Chahin, Aaron Nelson, Kevin Casey

  • Stringify all variables keys of MySQL connection configuration.

    When sql_mode variable for MySQL adapters set in configuration as String was ignored and overwritten by strict mode option.

    Fixes #14895.

    Paul Nikitochkin

  • Ensure SQLite3 statements are closed on errors.

    Fixes #13631.

    Timur Alperovich

  • Give ActiveRecord::PredicateBuilder private methods the privacy they deserve.

    Hector Satre

  • When using a custom join_table name on a habtm, rails was not saving it on Reflections. This causes a problem when rails loads fixtures, because it uses the reflections to set database with fixtures.

    Fixes #14845.

    Kassio Borges

  • Reset the cache when modifying a Relation with cached Arel. Additionally display a warning message to make the user aware.

    Yves Senn

  • PostgreSQL should internally use :datetime consistently for TimeStamp. Assures different spellings of timestamps are treated the same.


    mytimestamp.simplified_type('timestamp without time zone')
    # => :datetime
    mytimestamp.simplified_type('timestamp(6) without time zone')
    # => also :datetime (previously would be :timestamp)

    See #14513.

    Jefferson Lai

  • ActiveRecord::Base.no_touching no longer triggers callbacks or start empty transactions.

    Fixes #14841.

    Lucas Mazza

  • Fix name collision with Array#select! with Relation#select!.

    Fixes #14752.

    Earl St Sauver

  • Fixed unexpected behavior for has_many :through associations going through a scoped has_many.

    If a has_many association is adjusted using a scope, and another has_many :through uses this association, then the scope adjustment is unexpectedly neglected.

    Fixes #14537.

    Jan Habermann

  • @destroyed should always be set to false when an object is duped.

    Kuldeep Aggarwal

  • Fixed has_many association to make it support irregular inflections.

    Fixes #8928.

    arthurnn, Javier Goizueta

  • Fixed a problem where count used with a grouping was not returning a Hash.

    Fixes #14721.

    Eric Chahin

  • sanitize_sql_like helper method to escape a string for safe use in a SQL LIKE statement.


    class Article
        where("title LIKE ?", sanitize_sql_like(term))
    end"20% _reduction_")
    # => Query looks like "... title LIKE '20\% \_reduction\_' ..."

    Rob Gilson, Yves Senn

  • Do not quote uuid default value on change_column.

    Fixes #14604.

    Eric Chahin

  • The comparison between Relation and CollectionProxy should be consistent.


    author.posts == Post.where(author_id:
    # => true
    Post.where(author_id: == author.posts
    # => true

    Fixes #13506.

    Lauro Caetano

  • Calling delete_all on an unloaded CollectionProxy no longer generates a SQL statement containing each id of the collection:


    DELETE FROM `model` WHERE `model`.`parent_id` = 1
    AND `model`.`id` IN (1, 2, 3...)


    DELETE FROM `model` WHERE `model`.`parent_id` = 1

    Eileen M. Uchitelle, Aaron Patterson

  • Fixed error for aggregate methods (empty?, any?, count) with select which created invalid SQL.

    Fixes #13648.

    Simon Woker

  • PostgreSQL adapter only warns once for every missing OID per connection.

    Fixes #14275.

    Matthew Draper, Yves Senn

  • PostgreSQL adapter automatically reloads it's type map when encountering unknown OIDs.

    Fixes #14678.

    Matthew Draper, Yves Senn

  • Fix insertion of records via has_many :through association with scope.

    Fixes #3548.

    Ivan Antropov

  • Auto-generate stable fixture UUIDs on PostgreSQL.

    Fixes #11524.

    Roderick van Domburg

  • Fixed a problem where an enum would overwrite values of another enum with the same name in an unrelated class.

    Fixes #14607.

    Evan Whalen

  • PostgreSQL and SQLite string columns no longer have a default limit of 255.

    Fixes #13435, #9153.

    Vladimir Sazhin, Toms Mikoss, Yves Senn

  • Make possible to have an association called records.

    Fixes #11645.


  • to_sql on an association now matches the query that is actually executed, where it could previously have incorrectly accrued additional conditions (e.g. as a result of a previous query). CollectionProxy now always defers to the association scope's arel method so the (incorrect) inherited one should be entirely concealed.

    Fixes #14003.

    Jefferson Lai

  • Block a few default Class methods as scope name.

    For instance, this will raise:

    scope :public, -> { where(status: 1) }


  • Fixed error when using with_options with lambda.

    Fixes #9805.

    Lauro Caetano

  • Switch sqlite3:/// URLs (which were temporarily deprecated in 4.1) from relative to absolute.

    If you still want the previous interpretation, you should replace sqlite3:///my/path with sqlite3:my/path.

    Matthew Draper

  • Treat blank UUID values as nil.

    Example: '') #=> <Sample id: nil, uuid_field: nil>

    Dmitry Lavrov

  • Enable support for materialized views on PostgreSQL >= 9.3.

    Dave Lee

  • The PostgreSQL adapter supports custom domains. Fixes #14305.

    Yves Senn

  • PostgreSQL Column#type is now determined through the corresponding OID. The column types stay the same except for enum columns. They no longer have nil as type but enum.

    See #7814.

    Yves Senn

  • Fixed error when specifying a non-empty default value on a PostgreSQL array column.

    Fixes #10613.

    Luke Steensen

  • Make possible to change record_timestamps inside Callbacks.

    Tieg Zaharia

  • Fixed error where .persisted? throws SystemStackError for an unsaved model with a custom primary key that didn't save due to validation error.

    Fixes #14393.

    Chris Finne

  • Introduce validate as an alias for valid?.

    This is more intuitive when you want to run validations but don't care about the return value.

    Henrik Nyh

  • Create indexes inline in CREATE TABLE for MySQL.

    This is important, because adding an index on a temporary table after it has been created would commit the transaction.

    It also allows creating and dropping indexed tables with fewer queries and fewer permissions required.


    create_table :temp, temporary: true, as: "SELECT id, name, zip FROM a_really_complicated_query" do |t|
      t.index :zip
    # => CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE temp (INDEX (zip)) AS SELECT id, name, zip FROM a_really_complicated_query

    Cody Cutrer, Steve Rice, Rafael Mendonça Franca

  • Use singular table name in generated migrations when ActiveRecord::Base.pluralize_table_names is false.

    Fixes #13426.

    Kuldeep Aggarwal

  • touch accepts many attributes to be touched at once.


    # touches :signed_at, :sealed_at, and :updated_at/on attributes.
    Photo.last.touch(:signed_at, :sealed_at)

    James Pinto

  • rake db:structure:dump only dumps schema information if the schema migration table exists.

    Fixes #14217.

    Yves Senn

  • Reap connections that were checked out by now-dead threads, instead of waiting until they disconnect by themselves. Before this change, a suitably constructed series of short-lived threads could starve the connection pool, without ever having more than a couple alive at the same time.

    Matthew Draper

  • pk_and_sequence_for now ensures that only the pg_depend entries pointing to pg_class, and thus only sequence objects, are considered.

    Josh Williams

  • where.not adds references for includes like normal where calls do.

    Fixes #14406.

    Yves Senn

  • Extend fixture $LABEL replacement to allow string interpolation.


      email: $
    users(:martin).email # =>

    Eric Steele

  • Add support for Relation be passed as parameter on QueryCache#select_all.

    Fixes #14361.


  • Passing an Active Record object to find is now deprecated. Call .id on the object first.

  • Passing an Active Record object to find or exists? is now deprecated. Call .id on the object first.

  • Only use BINARY for MySQL case sensitive uniqueness check when column has a case insensitive collation.

    Ryuta Kamizono

  • Support for MySQL 5.6 fractional seconds.

    arthurnn, Tatsuhiko Miyagawa

  • Support for Postgres citext data type enabling case-insensitive where values without needing to wrap in UPPER/LOWER sql functions.

    Troy Kruthoff, Lachlan Sylvester

  • Only save has_one associations if record has changes. Previously after save related callbacks, such as #after_commit, were triggered when the has_one object did not get saved to the db.

    Alan Kennedy

  • Allow strings to specify the #order value.


    Model.order(id: 'asc').to_sql == Model.order(id: :asc).to_sql

    Marcelo Casiraghi, Robin Dupret

  • Dynamically register PostgreSQL enum OIDs. This prevents "unknown OID" warnings on enum columns.

    Dieter Komendera

  • includes is able to detect the right preloading strategy when string joins are involved.

    Fixes #14109.

    Aaron Patterson, Yves Senn

  • Fixed error with validation with enum fields for records where the value for any enum attribute is always evaluated as 0 during uniqueness validation.

    Fixes #14172.

    Vilius Luneckas Ahmed AbouElhamayed

  • before_add callbacks are fired before the record is saved on has_and_belongs_to_many assocations and on has_many :through associations. Before this change, before_add callbacks would be fired before the record was saved on has_and_belongs_to_many associations, but not on has_many :through associations.

    Fixes #14144.

  • Fixed STI classes not defining an attribute method if there is a conflicting private method defined on its ancestors.

    Fixes #11569.

    Godfrey Chan

  • Coerce strings when reading attributes. Fixes #10485.


    book = 12345)!
    book.title # => "12345"

    Yves Senn

  • Deprecate half-baked support for PostgreSQL range values with excluding beginnings. We currently map PostgreSQL ranges to Ruby ranges. This conversion is not fully possible because the Ruby range does not support excluded beginnings.

    The current solution of incrementing the beginning is not correct and is now deprecated. For subtypes where we don't know how to increment (e.g. #succ is not defined) it will raise an ArgumentException for ranges with excluding beginnings.

    Yves Senn

  • Support for user created range types in PostgreSQL.

    Yves Senn

Please check 4-1-stable for previous changes.

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