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* Make #save behavior mimic AR::Base#save (true on success, false on failure). [Jamis Buck]
* Add Basic HTTP Authentication to ActiveResource (closes #6305). [jonathan]
* Extracted #id_from_response as an entry point for customizing how a created resource gets its own ID.
By default, it extracts from the Location response header.
* Optimistic locking: raise ActiveResource::ResourceConflict on 409 Conflict response. [Jeremy Kemper]
# Example controller action
def update!
rescue ActiveRecord::StaleObjectError
render :xml => @person.reload.to_xml, :status => '409 Conflict'
* Basic validation support [Rick Olson]
Parses the xml response of ActiveRecord::Errors#to_xml with a similar interface to ActiveRecord::Errors.
render :xml => @person.errors.to_xml, :status => '400 Validation Error'
* Deep hashes are converted into collections of resources. [Jeremy Kemper] :name => 'Bob',
:address => { :id => 1, :city => 'Portland' },
:contacts => [{ :id => 1 }, { :id => 2 }]
Looks for Address and Contact resources and creates them if unavailable.
So clients can fetch a complex resource in a single request if you e.g.
render :xml => @person.to_xml(:include => [:address, :contacts])
in your controller action.
* Major updates [Rick Olson]
* Add full support for find/create/update/destroy
* Add support for specifying prefixes.
* Allow overriding of element_name, collection_name, and primary key
* Provide simpler HTTP mock interface for testing
# rails routing code
map.resources :posts do |post|
post.resources :comments
# ActiveResources
class Post < ActiveResource::Base = "http://37s.sunrise.i:3000/"
class Comment < ActiveResource::Base = "http://37s.sunrise.i:3000/posts/:post_id/"
@post = Post.find 5
@comments = Comment.find :all, :post_id =>
@comment ={:body => 'hello world'}, {:post_id =>})
* accepts URIs. 200...400 are valid response codes. PUT and POST request bodies default to ''. [Jeremy Kemper]
* Initial checkin: object-oriented client for restful HTTP resources which follow the Rails convention. [DHH]
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