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module ActiveRecord
# = Active Record Dynamic Scope Match
# Provides dynamic attribute-based scopes such as <tt>scoped_by_price(4.99)</tt>
# if, for example, the <tt>Product</tt> has an attribute with that name. You can
# chain more <tt>scoped_by_* </tt> methods after the other. It acts like a named
# scope except that it's dynamic.
class DynamicScopeMatch
def self.match(method)
return unless method.to_s =~ /^scoped_by_([_a-zA-Z]\w*)$/
new(true, $1 && $1.split('_and_'))
def initialize(scope, attribute_names)
@scope = scope
@attribute_names = attribute_names
attr_reader :scope, :attribute_names
alias :scope? :scope
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