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  • Fix ActionDispatch::Executor middleware to report errors handled by ActionDispatch::ShowExceptions.

    In the default production environment, ShowExceptions rescue uncaught errors and returns a response. Because if this the executor wouldn't report production errors with the default Rails configuration.

    Jean Boussier

  • Add racc as a dependency since it will become a bundled gem in Ruby 3.4.0

    Hartley McGuire

Rails (June 04, 2024)

  • Include the HTTP Permissions-Policy on non-HTML Content-Types [CVE-2024-28103]

Rails (May 17, 2024)

  • No changes.

Rails (May 16, 2024)

  • No changes.

Rails (February 21, 2024)

  • Fix possible XSS vulnerability with the translate method in controllers


Rails 7.0.8 (September 09, 2023)

  • Fix HostAuthorization potentially displaying the value of the X_FORWARDED_HOST header when the HTTP_HOST header is being blocked.

    Hartley McGuire, Daniel Schlosser

Rails (August 22, 2023)

  • No changes.

Rails (August 22, 2023)

  • No changes.

Rails 7.0.7 (August 09, 2023)

  • No changes.

Rails 7.0.6 (June 29, 2023)

  • No changes.

Rails (June 26, 2023)

  • Raise an exception if illegal characters are provide to redirect_to [CVE-2023-28362]

    Zack Deveau

Rails 7.0.5 (May 24, 2023)

  • Do not return CSP headers for 304 Not Modified responses.

    Tobias Kraze

  • Fix EtagWithFlash when there is no Flash middleware available.


  • Fix content-type header with send_stream.

    Elliot Crosby-McCullough

  • Address Selenium :capabilities deprecation warning.

    Ron Shinall

  • Fix cookie domain for domain: all on two letter single level TLD.

    John Hawthorn

  • Don't double log the controller, action, or namespaced_controller when using ActiveRecord::QueryLog

    Previously if you set config.active_record.query_log_tags to an array that included :controller, :namespaced_controller, or :action, that item would get logged twice. This bug has been fixed.

    Alex Ghiculescu

  • Rescue EOFError exception from rack on a multipart request.

    Nikita Vasilevsky

  • Rescue JSON::ParserError in Cookies json deserializer to discards marshal dumps:

    Without this change, if action_dispatch.cookies_serializer is set to :json and the app tries to read a :marshal serialized cookie, it would error out which wouldn't clear the cookie and force app users to manually clear it in their browser.

    (See #45127 for original bug discussion)

    Nathan Bardoux

Rails (March 13, 2023)

  • No changes.

Rails (January 24, 2023)

  • Fix domain: :all for two letter TLD

    This fixes a compatibility issue introduced in our previous security release when using domain: :all with a two letter but single level top level domain domain (like .ca, rather than

Rails (January 17, 2023)

  • Fix sec issue with _url_host_allowed?

    Disallow certain strings from _url_host_allowed? to avoid a redirect to malicious sites.


  • Avoid regex backtracking on If-None-Match header


  • Use string#split instead of regex for domain parts


Rails 7.0.4 (September 09, 2022)

  • Prevent ActionDispatch::ServerTiming from overwriting existing values in Server-Timing.

    Previously, if another middleware down the chain set Server-Timing header, it would overwritten by ActionDispatch::ServerTiming.

    Jakub Malinowski

Rails (July 12, 2022)

  • No changes.

Rails 7.0.3 (May 09, 2022)

  • Allow relative redirects when raise_on_open_redirects is enabled.

    Tom Hughes

  • Fix authenticate_with_http_basic to allow for missing password.

    Before Rails 7.0 it was possible to handle basic authentication with only a username.

    authenticate_with_http_basic do |token, _|

    This ability is restored.

    Jean Boussier

  • Fix content_security_policy returning invalid directives.

    Directives such as self, unsafe-eval and few others were not single quoted when the directive was the result of calling a lambda returning an array.

    content_security_policy do |policy|
      policy.frame_ancestors lambda { [:self, ""] }

    With this fix the policy generated from above will now be valid.

    Edouard Chin

  • Fix skip_forgery_protection to run without raising an error if forgery protection has not been enabled / verify_authenticity_token is not a defined callback.

    This fix prevents the Rails 7.0 Welcome Page (/) from raising an ArgumentError if default_protect_from_forgery is false.

    Brad Trick

  • Fix ActionController::Live to copy the IsolatedExecutionState in the ephemeral thread.

    Since its inception ActionController::Live has been copying thread local variables to keep things such as CurrentAttributes set from middlewares working in the controller action.

    With the introduction of IsolatedExecutionState in 7.0, some of that global state was lost in ActionController::Live controllers.

    Jean Boussier

  • Fix setting trailing_slash: true in route definition.

    get '/test' => "test#index", as: :test, trailing_slash: true
    test_path() # => "/test/"

    Jean Boussier

Rails (April 26, 2022)

  • Allow Content Security Policy DSL to generate for API responses.

    Tim Wade

Rails (March 08, 2022)

  • No changes.

Rails (February 11, 2022)

  • No changes.

Rails (February 11, 2022)

  • Under certain circumstances, the middleware isn't informed that the response body has been fully closed which result in request state not being fully reset before the next request


Rails 7.0.2 (February 08, 2022)

  • No changes.

Rails 7.0.1 (January 06, 2022)

  • Fix ActionController::Parameters methods to keep the original logger context when creating a new copy of the original object.

    Yutaka Kamei

Rails 7.0.0 (December 15, 2021)

  • Deprecate Rails.application.config.action_controller.urlsafe_csrf_tokens. This config is now always enabled.

    Étienne Barrié

  • Instance variables set in requests in a ActionController::TestCase are now cleared before the next request

    This means if you make multiple requests in the same test, instance variables set in the first request will not persist into the second one. (It's not recommended to make multiple requests in the same test.)

    Alex Ghiculescu

Rails 7.0.0.rc3 (December 14, 2021)

  • No changes.

Rails 7.0.0.rc2 (December 14, 2021)

  • Fix X_FORWARDED_HOST protection. [CVE-2021-44528]

Rails 7.0.0.rc1 (December 06, 2021)

  • Rails.application.executor hooks can now be called around every request in a ActionController::TestCase

    This helps to better simulate request or job local state being reset between requests and prevent state leaking from one request to another.

    To enable this, set config.active_support.executor_around_test_case = true (this is the default in Rails 7).

    Alex Ghiculescu

  • Consider onion services secure for cookies.

    Justin Tracey

  • Remove deprecated Rails.config.action_view.raise_on_missing_translations.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated support to passing a path to fixture_file_upload relative to fixture_path.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated ActionDispatch::SystemTestCase#host!.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated Rails.config.action_dispatch.hosts_response_app.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Remove deprecated ActionDispatch::Response.return_only_media_type_on_content_type.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Raise ActionController::Redirecting::UnsafeRedirectError for unsafe redirect_to redirects.

    This allows rescue_from to be used to add a default fallback route:

    rescue_from ActionController::Redirecting::UnsafeRedirectError do
      redirect_to root_url

    Kasper Timm Hansen, Chris Oliver

  • Add url_from to verify a redirect location is internal.

    Takes the open redirect protection from redirect_to so users can wrap a param, and fall back to an alternate redirect URL when the param provided one is unsafe.

    def create
      redirect_to url_from(params[:redirect_url]) || root_url

    dmcge, Kasper Timm Hansen

  • Allow Capybara driver name overrides in SystemTestCase::driven_by

    Allow users to prevent conflicts among drivers that use the same driver type (selenium, poltergeist, webkit, rack test).

    Fixes #42502

    Chris LaRose

  • Allow multiline to be passed in routes when using wildcard segments.

    Previously routes with newlines weren't detected when using wildcard segments, returning a No route matches error. After this change, routes with newlines are detected on wildcard segments. Example

      draw do
        get "/wildcard/*wildcard_segment", to:"foo#index"), as: :wildcard
      # After the change, the path matches.
      assert_equal "/wildcard/a%0Anewline", url_helpers.wildcard_path(wildcard_segment: "a\nnewline")

    Fixes #39103

    Ignacio Chiazzo

  • Treat html suffix in controller translation.

    Rui Onodera, Gavin Miller

  • Allow permitting numeric params.

    Previously it was impossible to permit different fields on numeric parameters. After this change you can specify different fields for each numbered parameter. For example params like,

    book: {
            authors_attributes: {
              '0': { name: "William Shakespeare", age_of_death: "52" },
              '1': { name: "Unattributed Assistant" },
              '2': "Not a hash",
              'new_record': { name: "Some name" }

    Before you could permit name on each author with, permit book: { authors_attributes: [ :name ] }

    After this change you can permit different keys on each numbered element, permit book: { authors_attributes: { '1': [ :name ], '0': [ :name, :age_of_death ] } }

    Fixes #41625

    Adam Hess

  • Update HostAuthorization middleware to render debug info only when config.consider_all_requests_local is set to true.

    Also, blocked host info is always logged with level error.

    Fixes #42813

    Nikita Vyrko

  • Add Server-Timing middleware

    Server-Timing specification defines how the server can communicate to browsers performance metrics about the request it is responding to.

    The ServerTiming middleware is enabled by default on development environment by default using the config.server_timing setting and set the relevant duration metrics in the Server-Timing header

    The full specification for Server-Timing header can be found in:

    Sebastian Sogamoso, Guillermo Iguaran

Rails 7.0.0.alpha2 (September 15, 2021)

  • No changes.

Rails 7.0.0.alpha1 (September 15, 2021)

  • Use a static error message when raising ActionDispatch::Http::Parameters::ParseError to avoid inadvertently logging the HTTP request body at the fatal level when it contains malformed JSON.

    Fixes #41145

    Aaron Lahey

  • Add Middleware#delete! to delete middleware or raise if not found.

    Middleware#delete! works just like Middleware#delete but will raise an error if the middleware isn't found.

    Alex Ghiculescu, Petrik de Heus, Junichi Sato

  • Raise error on unpermitted open redirects.

    Add allow_other_host options to redirect_to. Opt in to this behaviour with ActionController::Base.raise_on_open_redirects = true.

    Gannon McGibbon

  • Deprecate poltergeist and webkit (capybara-webkit) driver registration for system testing (they will be removed in Rails 7.1). Add cuprite instead.

    Poltergeist and capybara-webkit are already not maintained. These usage in Rails are removed for avoiding confusing users.

    Cuprite is a good alternative to Poltergeist. Some guide descriptions are replaced from Poltergeist to Cuprite.

    Yusuke Iwaki

  • Exclude additional flash types from ActionController::Base.action_methods.

    Ensures that additional flash types defined on ActionController::Base subclasses are not listed as actions on that controller.

    class MyController < ApplicationController
      add_flash_types :hype
    MyController.action_methods.include?('hype') # => false

    Gavin Morrice

  • OpenSSL constants are now used for Digest computations.

    Dirkjan Bussink

  • Remove IE6-7-8 file download related hack/fix from ActionController::DataStreaming module.

    Due to the age of those versions of IE this fix is no longer relevant, more importantly it creates an edge-case for unexpected Cache-Control headers.

    Tadas Sasnauskas

  • Configuration setting to skip logging an uncaught exception backtrace when the exception is present in rescued_responses.

    It may be too noisy to get all backtraces logged for applications that manage uncaught exceptions via rescued_responses and exceptions_app. config.action_dispatch.log_rescued_responses (defaults to true) can be set to false in this case, so that only exceptions not found in rescued_responses will be logged.

    Alexander Azarov, Mike Dalessio

  • Ignore file fixtures on db:fixtures:load.

    Kevin Sjöberg

  • Fix ActionController::Live controller test deadlocks by removing the body buffer size limit for tests.

    Dylan Thacker-Smith

  • New ActionController::ConditionalGet#no_store method to set HTTP cache control no-store directive.

    Tadas Sasnauskas

  • Drop support for the SERVER_ADDR header.

    Following up rack/rack#1573 and #42349.

    Ricardo Díaz

  • Set session options when initializing a basic session.

    Gannon McGibbon

  • Add cache_control: {} option to fresh_when and stale?.

    Works as a shortcut to set response.cache_control with the above methods.

    Jacopo Beschi

  • Writing into a disabled session will now raise an error.

    Previously when no session store was set, writing into the session would silently fail.

    Jean Boussier

  • Add support for 'require-trusted-types-for' and 'trusted-types' headers.

    Fixes #42034.


  • Remove inline styles and address basic accessibility issues on rescue templates.

    Jacob Herrington

  • Add support for 'private, no-store' Cache-Control headers.

    Previously, 'no-store' was exclusive; no other directives could be specified.

    Alex Smith

  • Expand payload of unpermitted_parameters.action_controller instrumentation to allow subscribers to know which controller action received unpermitted parameters.


  • Add ActionController::Live#send_stream that makes it more convenient to send generated streams:

    send_stream(filename: "subscribers.csv") do |stream|
      stream.writeln "email_address,updated_at"
      @subscribers.find_each do |subscriber|
        stream.writeln [ subscriber.email_address, subscriber.updated_at ].join(",")


  • Add ActionController::Live::Buffer#writeln to write a line to the stream with a newline included.


  • ActionDispatch::Request#content_type now returned Content-Type header as it is.

    Previously, ActionDispatch::Request#content_type returned value does NOT contain charset part. This behavior changed to returned Content-Type header containing charset part as it is.

    If you want just MIME type, please use ActionDispatch::Request#media_type instead.


    request ="CONTENT_TYPE" => "text/csv; header=present; charset=utf-16", "REQUEST_METHOD" => "GET")
    request.content_type #=> "text/csv"


    request ="Content-Type" => "text/csv; header=present; charset=utf-16", "REQUEST_METHOD" => "GET")
    request.content_type #=> "text/csv; header=present; charset=utf-16"
    request.media_type   #=> "text/csv"

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Change ActionDispatch::Request#media_type to return nil when the request don't have a Content-Type header.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Fix error in ActionController::LogSubscriber that would happen when throwing inside a controller action.

    Janko Marohnić

  • Allow anything with #to_str (like Addressable::URI) as a redirect_to location.


  • Change the request method to a GET when passing failed requests down to config.exceptions_app.

    Alex Robbin

  • Deprecate the ability to assign a single value to config.action_dispatch.trusted_proxies as RemoteIp middleware behaves inconsistently depending on whether this is configured with a single value or an enumerable.

    Fixes #40772.

    Christian Sutter

  • Add redirect_back_or_to(fallback_location, **) as a more aesthetically pleasing version of redirect_back fallback_location:, **. The old method name is retained without explicit deprecation.


Please check 6-1-stable for previous changes.