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File metadata and controls

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  • Fix the number_to_human_size view helper to correctly work with negative numbers.


Rails (June 04, 2024)

  • No changes.

Rails (May 17, 2024)

  • No changes.

Rails (May 16, 2024)

  • No changes.

Rails (February 21, 2024)

  • No changes.

Rails 7.0.8 (September 09, 2023)

  • Fix form_for missing the hidden _method input for models with a namespaced route.

    Hartley McGuire

  • Fix render collection: @records, cache: true inside jbuilder templates

    The previous fix that shipped in 7.0.7 assumed template fragments are always strings, this isn't true with jbuilder.

    Jean Boussier

Rails (August 22, 2023)

  • No changes.

Rails (August 22, 2023)

  • No changes.

Rails 7.0.7 (August 09, 2023)

  • Fix render collection: @records, cache: true to cache fragments as bare strings

    Previously it would incorrectly cache them as Action View buffers.

    Jean Boussier

  • Don't double-encode nested field_id and field_name index values

    Pass index: @options as a default keyword argument to field_id and field_name view helper methods.

    Sean Doyle

Rails 7.0.6 (June 29, 2023)

  • No changes.

Rails (June 26, 2023)

  • No changes.

Rails 7.0.5 (May 24, 2023)

  • FormBuilder#id finds id set by form_for and form_with.

    Matt Polito

  • Allow all available locales for template lookups.

    Ben Dilley

  • Choices of select can optionally contain html attributes as the last element of the child arrays when using grouped/nested collections

    <%= :foo, [["North America", [["United States","US"],["Canada","CA"]], { disabled: "disabled" }]] %>
    # => <select><optgroup label="North America" disabled="disabled"><option value="US">United States</option><option value="CA">Canada</option></optgroup></select>

    Chris Gunther

Rails (March 13, 2023)

  • Ignore certain data-* attributes in rails-ujs when element is contenteditable


Rails (January 24, 2023)

  • No changes.

Rails (January 17, 2023)

  • No changes.

Rails 7.0.4 (September 09, 2022)

  • Guard against ActionView::Helpers::FormTagHelper#field_name calls with nil object_name arguments. For example:

    <%= fields do |f| %>
      <%= f.field_name :body %>
    <% end %>

    Sean Doyle

  • Strings returned from strip_tags are correctly tagged html_safe?

    Because these strings contain no HTML elements and the basic entities are escaped, they are safe to be included as-is as PCDATA in HTML content. Tagging them as html-safe avoids double-escaping entities when being concatenated to a SafeBuffer during rendering.

    Fixes rails/rails-html-sanitizer#124

    Mike Dalessio

Rails (July 12, 2022)

  • No changes.

Rails 7.0.3 (May 09, 2022)

  • Ensure models passed to form_for attempt to call to_model.

    Sean Doyle

Rails (April 26, 2022)

  • Fix and add protections for XSS in ActionView::Helpers and ERB::Util.

    Escape dangerous characters in names of tags and names of attributes in the tag helpers, following the XML specification. Rename the option :escape_attributes to :escape, to simplify by applying the option to the whole tag.

    Álvaro Martín Fraguas

Rails (March 08, 2022)

  • No changes.

Rails (February 11, 2022)

  • No changes.

Rails (February 11, 2022)

  • No changes.

Rails 7.0.2 (February 08, 2022)

  • Ensure preload_link_tag preloads JavaScript modules correctly.

    Máximo Mussini

  • Fix stylesheet_link_tag and similar helpers are being used to work in objects with a response method.


Rails 7.0.1 (January 06, 2022)

  • Fix button_to to work with a hash parameter as URL.


  • Fix link_to with a model passed as an argument twice.

    Alex Ghiculescu

Rails 7.0.0 (December 15, 2021)

  • Support include_hidden: option in calls to ActionView::Helper::FormBuilder#file_field with multiple: true to support submitting an empty collection of files.

    form.file_field :attachments, multiple: true
    # => <input type="hidden" autocomplete="off" name="post[attachments][]" value="">
         <input type="file" multiple="multiple" id="post_attachments" name="post[attachments][]">
    form.file_field :attachments, multiple: true, include_hidden: false
    # => <input type="file" multiple="multiple" id="post_attachments" name="post[attachments][]">

    Sean Doyle

  • Fix number_with_precision(raise: true) always raising even on valid numbers.

    Pedro Moreira

Rails 7.0.0.rc3 (December 14, 2021)

  • No changes.

Rails 7.0.0.rc2 (December 14, 2021)

  • No changes.

Rails 7.0.0.rc1 (December 06, 2021)

  • Support fields model: [@nested, @model] the same way as form_with model: [@nested, @model].

    Sean Doyle

  • Infer HTTP verb [method] from a model or Array with model as the first argument to button_to when combined with a block:

    button_to(Workshop.find(1)){ "Update" }
    #=> <form method="post" action="/workshops/1" class="button_to">
    #=>   <input type="hidden" name="_method" value="patch" autocomplete="off" />
    #=>   <button type="submit">Update</button>
    #=> </form>
    button_to([ Workshop.find(1), Session.find(1) ]) { "Update" }
    #=> <form method="post" action="/workshops/1/sessions/1" class="button_to">
    #=>   <input type="hidden" name="_method" value="patch" autocomplete="off" />
    #=>   <button type="submit">Update</button>
    #=> </form>

    Sean Doyle

  • Support passing a Symbol as the first argument to FormBuilder#button:

    form.button(:draft, value: true)
    # => <button name="post[draft]" value="true" type="submit">Create post</button>
    form.button(:draft, value: true) do
      content_tag(:strong, "Save as draft")
    # =>  <button name="post[draft]" value="true" type="submit">
    #       <strong>Save as draft</strong>
    #     </button>

    Sean Doyle

  • Introduce the field_name view helper, along with the FormBuilder#field_name counterpart:

    form_for @post do |f|
      f.field_tag :tag, name: f.field_name(:tag, multiple: true)
      # => <input type="text" name="post[tag][]">

    Sean Doyle

  • Execute the ActionView::Base.field_error_proc within the context of the ActionView::Base instance:

    config.action_view.field_error_proc = proc { |html| content_tag(:div, html, class: "field_with_errors") }

    Sean Doyle

  • Add support for button_to ..., authenticity_token: false

    button_to "Create",, authenticity_token: false
    # => <form class="button_to" method="post" action="/posts"><button type="submit">Create</button></form>
    button_to "Create",, authenticity_token: true
    # => <form class="button_to" method="post" action="/posts"><button type="submit">Create</button><input type="hidden" name="form_token" value="abc123..." autocomplete="off" /></form>
    button_to "Create",, authenticity_token: "secret"
    # => <form class="button_to" method="post" action="/posts"><button type="submit">Create</button><input type="hidden" name="form_token" value="secret" autocomplete="off" /></form>

    Sean Doyle

  • Support rendering <form> elements without [action] attributes by:

    • form_with url: false or form_with ..., html: { action: false }
    • form_for ..., url: false or form_for ..., html: { action: false }
    • form_tag false or form_tag ..., action: false
    • button_to "...", false or button_to(false) { ... }

    Sean Doyle

  • Add :day_format option to date_select

    date_select("article", "written_on", day_format: ->(day) { day.ordinalize })
    # generates day options like <option value="1">1st</option>\n<option value="2">2nd</option>...

    Shunichi Ikegami

  • Allow link_to helper to infer link name from Model#to_s when it is used with a single argument:

    link_to @profile
    #=> <a href="/profiles/1">Eileen</a>

    This assumes the model class implements a to_s method like this:

    class Profile < ApplicationRecord
      # ...
      def to_s

    Previously you had to supply a second argument even if the Profile model implemented a #to_s method that called the name method.

    link_to @profile,
    #=> <a href="/profiles/1">Eileen</a>

    Olivier Lacan

  • Support svg unpaired tags for tag helper.

    tag.svg { tag.use('href' => "#cool-icon") }
    # => <svg><use href="#cool-icon"></svg>

    Oleksii Vasyliev

Rails 7.0.0.alpha2 (September 15, 2021)

  • No changes.

Rails 7.0.0.alpha1 (September 15, 2021)

  • Improves the performance of ActionView::Helpers::NumberHelper formatters by avoiding the use of exceptions as flow control.

    Mike Dalessio

  • preload_link_tag properly inserts as attributes for files with image MIME types, such as JPG or SVG.

    Nate Berkopec

  • Add weekday_options_for_select and weekday_select helper methods. Also adds weekday_select to FormBuilder.

    Drew Bragg, Dana Kashubeck, Kasper Timm Hansen

  • Add caching? helper that returns whether the current code path is being cached and uncacheable! to denote helper methods that can't participate in fragment caching.

    Ben Toews, John Hawthorn, Kasper Timm Hansen, Joel Hawksley

  • Add include_seconds option for time_field.

    <%= form.time_field :foo, include_seconds: false %>
    # => <input value="16:22" type="time" />

    Default includes seconds:

    <%= form.time_field :foo %>
    # => <input value="16:22:01.440" type="time" />

    This allows you to take advantage of different rendering options in some browsers.

    Alex Ghiculescu

  • Improve error messages when template file does not exist at absolute filepath.

    Ted Whang

  • Add :country_code option to sms_to for consistency with phone_to.

    Jonathan Hefner

  • OpenSSL constants are now used for Digest computations.

    Dirkjan Bussink

  • The translate helper now passes default values that aren't translation keys through I18n.translate for interpolation.

    Jonathan Hefner

  • Adds option extname to stylesheet_link_tag to skip default .css extension appended to the stylesheet path.


    stylesheet_link_tag "style.less"
    # <link href="/stylesheets/style.less.scss" rel="stylesheet">


    stylesheet_link_tag "style.less", extname: false, skip_pipeline: true, rel: "stylesheet/less"
    # <link href="/stylesheets/style.less" rel="stylesheet/less">

    Abhay Nikam

  • Deprecate render locals to be assigned to instance variables.

    Petrik de Heus

  • Remove legacy default media=screen from stylesheet_link_tag.

    André Luis Leal Cardoso Junior

  • Change ActionView::Helpers::FormBuilder#button to transform formmethod attributes into _method="$VERB" Form Data to enable varied same-form actions:

    <%= form_with model: post, method: :put do %>
      <%= form.button "Update" %>
      <%= form.button "Delete", formmethod: :delete %>
    <% end %>
    <%# => <form action="posts/1">
        =>   <input type="hidden" name="_method" value="put">
        =>   <button type="submit">Update</button>
        =>   <button type="submit" formmethod="post" name="_method" value="delete">Delete</button>
        => </form>

    Sean Doyle

  • Change ActionView::Helpers::UrlHelper#button_to to always render a <button> element, regardless of whether or not the content is passed as the first argument or as a block.

    <%= button_to "Delete", post_path(@post), method: :delete %>
    # => <form action="/posts/1"><input type="hidden" name="_method" value="delete"><button type="submit">Delete</button></form>
    <%= button_to post_path(@post), method: :delete do %>
    <% end %>
    # => <form action="/posts/1"><input type="hidden" name="_method" value="delete"><button type="submit">Delete</button></form>

    Sean Doyle, Dusan Orlovic

  • Add config.action_view.preload_links_header to allow disabling of the Link header being added by default when using stylesheet_link_tag and javascript_include_tag.

    Andrew White

  • The translate helper now resolves default values when a nil key is specified, instead of always returning nil.

    Jonathan Hefner

  • Add config.action_view.image_loading to configure the default value of the image_tag :loading option.

    By setting config.action_view.image_loading = "lazy", an application can opt in to lazy loading images sitewide, without changing view code.

    Jonathan Hefner

  • ActionView::Helpers::FormBuilder#id returns the value of the <form> element's id attribute. With a method argument, returns the id attribute for a form field with that name.

    <%= form_for @post do |f| %>
      <%# ... %>
      <% content_for :sticky_footer do %>
        <%= form.button(form: %>
      <% end %>
    <% end %>

    Sean Doyle

  • ActionView::Helpers::FormBuilder#field_id returns the value generated by the FormBuilder for the given attribute name.

    <%= form_for @post do |f| %>
      <%= f.label :title %>
      <%= f.text_field :title, aria: { describedby: f.field_id(:title, :error) } %>
      <%= tag.span("is blank", id: f.field_id(:title, :error) %>
    <% end %>

    Sean Doyle

  • Add tag.attributes to transform a Hash into HTML Attributes, ready to be interpolated into ERB.

    <input <%= tag.attributes(type: :text, aria: { label: "Search" }) %> >
    # => <input type="text" aria-label="Search">

    Sean Doyle

Please check 6-1-stable for previous changes.