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print "Using native SQLite3\n"
require_dependency 'fixtures/course'
require 'logger'
ActiveRecord::Base.logger ="debug.log")
class SqliteError < StandardError
BASE_DIR = File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/../../fixtures')
sqlite_test_db = "#{BASE_DIR}/fixture_database.sqlite3"
sqlite_test_db2 = "#{BASE_DIR}/fixture_database_2.sqlite3"
def make_connection(clazz, db_file)
ActiveRecord::Base.configurations = { => { :adapter => 'sqlite3', :database => db_file, :timeout => 5000 } }
unless File.exist?(db_file)
puts "SQLite3 database not found at #{db_file}. Rebuilding it."
sqlite_command = %Q{sqlite3 "#{db_file}" "create table a (a integer); drop table a;"}
puts "Executing '#{sqlite_command}'"
raise"Seems that there is no sqlite3 executable available") unless system(sqlite_command)
make_connection(ActiveRecord::Base, sqlite_test_db)
make_connection(Course, sqlite_test_db2)
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