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require 'active_support/core_ext/module/attribute_accessors'
module ActiveRecord
module Configuration # :nodoc:
# This just abstracts out how we define configuration options in AR. Essentially we
# have mattr_accessors on the ActiveRecord:Model constant that define global defaults.
# Classes that then use AR get class_attributes defined, which means that when they
# are assigned the default will be overridden for that class and subclasses. (Except
# when options[:global] == true, in which case there is one global value always.)
def config_attribute(name, options = {})
if options[:global]
class_eval <<-CODE, __FILE__, __LINE__ + 1
def self.#{name}; ActiveRecord::Model.#{name}; end
def #{name}; ActiveRecord::Model.#{name}; end
def self.#{name}=(val); ActiveRecord::Model.#{name} = val; end
options[:instance_writer] ||= false
class_attribute name, options
singleton_class.class_eval <<-CODE, __FILE__, __LINE__ + 1
remove_method :#{name}
def #{name}; ActiveRecord::Model.#{name}; end
# This allows us to detect an ActiveRecord::Model while it's in the process of
# being included.
module Tag; end
# <tt>ActiveRecord::Model</tt> can be included into a class to add Active Record
# persistence. This is an alternative to inheriting from <tt>ActiveRecord::Base</tt>.
# class Post
# include ActiveRecord::Model
# end
module Model
extend ActiveSupport::Concern
extend ConnectionHandling
extend ActiveModel::Observing::ClassMethods
def self.append_features(base)
base.class_eval do
include Tag
extend Configuration
included do
extend ActiveModel::Naming
extend ActiveSupport::Benchmarkable
extend ActiveSupport::DescendantsTracker
extend QueryCache::ClassMethods
extend Querying
extend Translation
extend DynamicMatchers
extend Explain
extend ConnectionHandling
initialize_generated_modules unless self == Base
include Persistence
include ReadonlyAttributes
include ModelSchema
include Inheritance
include Scoping
include Sanitization
include AttributeAssignment
include ActiveModel::Conversion
include Integration
include Validations
include CounterCache
include Locking::Optimistic
include Locking::Pessimistic
include AttributeMethods
include Callbacks
include ActiveModel::Observing
include Timestamp
include Associations
include ActiveModel::SecurePassword
include AutosaveAssociation
include NestedAttributes
include Aggregations
include Transactions
include Reflection
include Serialization
include Store
include Core
class << self
def arel_engine
def abstract_class?
# Defines the name of the table column which will store the class name on single-table
# inheritance situations.
# The default inheritance column name is +type+, which means it's a
# reserved word inside Active Record. To be able to use single-table
# inheritance with another column name, or to use the column +type+ in
# your own model for something else, you can override this method to
# return a different name:
# def self.inheritance_column
# 'zoink'
# end
def inheritance_column
class DeprecationProxy < BasicObject #:nodoc:
def initialize(model = Model, base = Base)
@model = model
@base = base
def method_missing(name, *args, &block)
if @model.respond_to?(name, true)
@model.send(name, *args, &block)
"The object passed to the active_record load hook was previously ActiveRecord::Base " \
"(a Class). Now it is ActiveRecord::Model (a Module). You have called `#{name}' which " \
"is only defined on ActiveRecord::Base. Please change your code so that it works with " \
"a module rather than a class. (Model is included in Base, so anything added to Model " \
"will be available on Base as well.)"
@base.send(name, *args, &block)
alias send method_missing
def extend(*mods)
"The object passed to the active_record load hook was previously ActiveRecord::Base " \
"(a Class). Now it is ActiveRecord::Model (a Module). You have called `extend' which " \
"would add singleton methods to Model. This is presumably not what you want, since the " \
"methods would not be inherited down to Base. Rather than using extend, please use " \
"ActiveSupport::Concern + include, which will ensure that your class methods are " \
# This hook is where config accessors on Model get defined.
# We don't want to just open the Model module and add stuff to it in other files, because
# that would cause Model to load, which causes all sorts of loading order issues.
# We need this hook rather than just using the :active_record one, because users of the
# :active_record hook may need to use config options.
ActiveSupport.run_load_hooks(:active_record_config, Model)
# Load Base at this point, because the active_record load hook is run in that file.
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