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<title>Rails: Welcome on board</title>
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<h1>Congratulations, you've put Ruby on Rails!</h1>
<p><b>Before you move on</b>, verify that the following conditions have been met:</p>
<li>The log directory and the empty log files must be writable to the web server (<code>chmod -R 777 log</code>).
The shebang line in the public/dispatch* files must reference your Ruby installation. <br/>
You might need to change it to <code>#!/usr/bin/env ruby</code> or point directly at the installation.
Rails on Apache needs to have the cgi handler and mod_rewrite enabled. <br/>
Somewhere in your httpd.conf, you should have:<br/>
<code>AddHandler cgi-script .cgi</code><br/>
<code>LoadModule rewrite_module libexec/httpd/</code><br/>
<code>AddModule mod_rewrite.c</code>
<p>Take the following steps to get started:</p>
<li>Create empty development and test databases for your application.<br/>
<small>Recommendation: Use *_development and *_test names, such as basecamp_development and basecamp_test</small><br/>
<small>Warning: Don't point your test database at your development database, it'll destroy the latter on test runs!</small>
<li>Edit config/database.yml with your database settings.
<li>Create controllers and models using the generator in <code>script/generate</code> <br/>
<small>Help: Run the generator with no arguments for documentation</small>
<li>See all the tests run by running <code>rake</code>.
<li>Develop your Rails application!
<li>Setup Apache with <a href="">FastCGI</a> (and <a href="">Ruby bindings</a>), if you need better performance
Having problems getting up and running? First try debugging it yourself by looking at the log files. <br/>
Then try the friendly Rails community <a href="">on the web</a> or <a href="">on IRC</a>
(<a href="irc://">FreeNode#rubyonrails</a>).
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