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  • Removed deprecated method scoped

    Neeraj Singh

  • Remove implicit join references that were deprecated in 4.0.


    # before with implicit joins
    Comment.where('posts.author_id' => 7)
    # after
    Comment.references(:posts).where('posts.author_id' => 7)

    Yves Senn

  • Apply default scope when joining associations. For example:

    class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
      default_scope -> { where published: true }
    class Comment
      belongs_to :post

    When calling Comment.joins(:post), we expect to receive only comments on published posts, since that is the default scope for posts.

    Before this change, the default scope from Post was not applied, so we'd get comments on unpublished posts.

    Jon Leighton

  • Remove activerecord-deprecated_finders as a dependency

    Łukasz Strzałkowski

  • Remove Oracle / Sqlserver / Firebird database tasks that were deprecated in 4.0.


  • find_each now returns an Enumerator when called without a block, so that it can be chained with other Enumerable methods.

    Ben Woosley

  • ActiveRecord::Result.each now returns an Enumerator when called without a block, so that it can be chained with other Enumerable methods.

    Ben Woosley

  • Flatten merged join_values before building the joins.

    While joining_values special treatment is given to string values. By flattening the array it ensures that string values are detected as strings and not arrays.

    Fixes #10669.

    Neeraj Singh and iwiznia

  • Do not load all child records for inverse case.

    currently post.comments.find( would load all comments for the given post to set the inverse association.

    This has a huge performance penalty. Because if post has 100k records and all these 100k records would be loaded in memory even though the comment id was supplied.

    Fix is to use in-memory records only if loaded? is true. Otherwise load the records using full sql.

    Fixes #10509.

    Neeraj Singh

  • inspect on Active Record model classes does not initiate a new connection. This means that calling inspect, when the database is missing, will no longer raise an exception. Fixes #10936.


    Author.inspect # => "Author(no database connection)"

    Yves Senn

  • Handle single quotes in PostgreSQL default column values. Fixes #10881.

    Dylan Markow

  • Log the sql that is actually sent to the database.

    If I have a query that produces sql WHERE "users"."name" = 'a b' then in the log all the whitespace is being squeezed. So the sql that is printed in the log is WHERE "users"."name" = 'a b'.

    Do not squeeze whitespace out of sql queries. Fixes #10982.

    Neeraj Singh

  • Fixture setup does no longer depend on ActiveRecord::Base.configurations. This is relevant when ENV["DATABASE_URL"] is used in place of a database.yml.

    Yves Senn

  • Fix mysql2 adapter raises the correct exception when executing a query on a closed connection.

    Yves Senn

  • Ambiguous reflections are on :through relationships are no longer supported. For example, you need to change this:

    class Author < ActiveRecord::Base
      has_many :posts
      has_many :taggings, :through => :posts
    class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
      has_one :tagging
      has_many :taggings
    class Tagging < ActiveRecord::Base

    To this:

    class Author < ActiveRecord::Base
      has_many :posts
      has_many :taggings, :through => :posts, :source => :tagging
    class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
      has_one :tagging
      has_many :taggings
    class Tagging < ActiveRecord::Base

    Aaron Patterson

  • Remove column restrictions for count, let the database raise if the SQL is invalid. The previous behavior was untested and surprising for the user. Fixes #5554.

    Example:"name, username").count
    # Before => SELECT count(*) FROM users
    # After => ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid
    # you can still use `count(:all)` to perform a query unrelated to the
    # selected columns"name, username").count(:all) # => SELECT count(*) FROM users

    Yves Senn

  • Rails now automatically detects inverse associations. If you do not set the :inverse_of option on the association, then Active Record will guess the inverse association based on heuristics.

    Note that automatic inverse detection only works on has_many, has_one, and belongs_to associations. Extra options on the associations will also prevent the association's inverse from being found automatically.

    The automatic guessing of the inverse association uses a heuristic based on the name of the class, so it may not work for all associations, especially the ones with non-standard names.

    You can turn off the automatic detection of inverse associations by setting the :inverse_of option to false like so:

    class Taggable < ActiveRecord::Base
      belongs_to :tag, inverse_of: false

    John Wang

  • Fix add_column with array option when using PostgreSQL. Fixes #10432

    Adam Anderson

  • Usage of implicit_readonly is being removed. Please usereadonlymethod explicitly to mark records asreadonly. Fixes #10615.


    user = User.joins(:todos).select("users.*, todos.title as todos_title").readonly(true).first
    user.todos_title = 'clean pet'! # will raise error

    Yves Senn

  • Fix the :primary_key option for has_many associations. Fixes #10693.

    Yves Senn

  • Fix bug where tiny types are incorrectly coerced as boolean when the length is more than 1.

    Fixes #10620.

    Aaron Patterson

  • Also support extensions in PostgreSQL 9.1. This feature has been supported since 9.1.


  • Deprecate ConnectionAdapters::SchemaStatements#distinct, as it is no longer used by internals.

    Ben Woosley

  • Fix pending migrations error when loading schema and ActiveRecord::Base.table_name_prefix is not blank.

    Call assume_migrated_upto_version on connection to prevent it from first being picked up in method_missing.

    In the base class, Migration, method_missing expects the argument to be a table name, and calls proper_table_name on the arguments before sending to connection. If table_name_prefix or table_name_suffix is used, the schema version changes to prefix_version_suffix, breaking rake test:prepare.

    Fixes #10411.

    Kyle Stevens

  • Method read_attribute_before_type_cast should accept input as symbol.

    Neeraj Singh

  • Confirm a record has not already been destroyed before decrementing counter cache.

    Ben Tucker

  • Fixed a bug in ActiveRecord#sanitize_sql_hash_for_conditions in which self.class is an argument to PredicateBuilder#build_from_hash causing PredicateBuilder to call non-existent method Class#reflect_on_association.

    Zach Ohlgren

  • While removing index if column option is missing then raise IrreversibleMigration exception.

    Following code should raise IrreversibleMigration. But the code was failing since options is an array and not a hash.

    def change
      change_table :users do |t|
        t.remove_index [:name, :email]

    Fix was to check if the options is a Hash before operating on it.

    Fixes #10419.

    Neeraj Singh

  • Do not overwrite manually built records during one-to-one nested attribute assignment

    For one-to-one nested associations, if you build the new (in-memory) child object yourself before assignment, then the NestedAttributes module will not overwrite it, e.g.:

    class Member < ActiveRecord::Base
      has_one :avatar
      accepts_nested_attributes_for :avatar
      def avatar
        super || build_avatar(width: 200)
    member =
    member.avatar_attributes = {icon: 'sad'}
    member.avatar.width # => 200

    Olek Janiszewski

  • fixes bug introduced by #3329. Now, when autosaving associations, deletions happen before inserts and saves. This prevents a 'duplicate unique value' database error that would occur if a record being created had the same value on a unique indexed field as that of a record being destroyed.

    Johnny Holton

  • Handle aliased attributes in ActiveRecord::Relation.

    When using symbol keys, ActiveRecord will now translate aliased attribute names to the actual column name used in the database:

    With the model

    class Topic
      alias_attribute :heading, :title

    The call

    Topic.where(heading: 'The First Topic')

    should yield the same result as

    Topic.where(title: 'The First Topic')

    This also applies to ActiveRecord::Relation::Calculations calls such as Model.sum(:aliased) and Model.pluck(:aliased).

    This will not work with SQL fragment strings like Model.sum('DISTINCT aliased').

    Godfrey Chan

  • Mute psql output when running rake db:schema:load.

    Godfrey Chan

  • Trigger a save on has_one association=(associate) when the associate contents have changed.

    Fix #8856.

    Chris Thompson

  • Abort a rake task when missing db/structure.sql like db:schema:load task.


  • rake:db:test:prepare falls back to original environment after execution.

    Slava Markevich

Please check 4-0-stable for previous changes.

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