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* Fixed that email address like "Jamis Buck, M.D." <> would cause the quoter to generate emails resulting in "bad address" errors from the mail server #1220 [Jamis Buck]
*0.9.1* (20th April, 2005)
* Depend on Action Pack 1.8.1
*0.9.0* (19th April, 2005)
* Added that deliver_* will now return the email that was sent
* Added that quoting to UTF-8 only happens if the characters used are in that range #955 [Jamis Buck]
* Fixed quoting for all address headers, not just to #955 [Jamis Buck]
* Fixed unquoting of emails that doesn't have an explicit charset #1036 []
*0.8.1* (27th March, 2005)
* Fixed that if charset was found that the end of a mime part declaration TMail would throw an error #919 []
* Fixed that TMail::Unquoter would fail to recognize quoting method if it was in lowercase #919 []
* Fixed that TMail::Encoder would fail when it attempts to parse e-mail addresses which are encoded using something other than the messages encoding method #919 []
* Added rescue for missing iconv library and throws warnings if subject/body is called on a TMail object without it instead
*0.8.0* (22th March, 2005)
* Added framework support for processing incoming emails with an Action Mailer class. See example in README.
*0.7.1* (7th March, 2005)
* Bind to newest Action Pack (1.5.1)
*0.7.0* (24th February, 2005)
* Added support for charsets for both subject and body. The default charset is now UTF-8 #673 [Jamis Buck]. Examples:
def iso_charset(recipient)
@recipients = recipient
@subject = "testing iso charsets"
@from = ""
@body = "Nothing to see here."
@charset = "iso-8859-1"
def unencoded_subject(recipient)
@recipients = recipient
@subject = "testing unencoded subject"
@from = ""
@body = "Nothing to see here."
@encode_subject = false
@charset = "iso-8859-1"
*0.6.1* (January 18th, 2005)
* Fixed sending of emails to use Tmail#from not the deprecated Tmail#from_address
*0.6* (January 17th, 2005)
* Fixed that bcc and cc should be settable through @bcc and @cc -- not just @headers["Bcc"] and @headers["Cc"] #453 [Eric Hodel]
* Fixed Action Mailer to be "warnings safe" so you can run with ruby -w and not get framework warnings #453 [Eric Hodel]
* Added access to custom headers, like cc, bcc, and reply-to #268 [Andreas Schwarz]. Example:
def post_notification(recipients, post)
@recipients = recipients
@from =
@headers["reply-to"] = ""
@subject = "[#{} #{post.title}]"
@body["post"] = post
*0.4* (5)
* Consolidated the server configuration options into Base#server_settings= and expanded that with controls for authentication and more [Marten]
NOTE: This is an API change that could potentially break your application if you used the old application form. Please do change!
* Added Base#deliveries as an accessor for an array of emails sent out through that ActionMailer class when using the :test delivery option. [bitsweat]
* Added Base#perform_deliveries= which can be set to false to turn off the actual delivery of the email through smtp or sendmail.
This is especially useful for functional testing that shouldn't send off real emails, but still trigger delivery_* methods.
* Added option to specify delivery method with Base#delivery_method=. Default is :smtp and :sendmail is currently the only other option.
Sendmail is assumed to be present at "/usr/sbin/sendmail" if that option is used. [Kent Sibilev]
* Dropped "include TMail" as it added to much baggage into the default namespace (like Version) [Chad Fowler]
* First release
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