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class Array
# Backport of Array#sample based on Marc-Andre Lafortune's
def sample(n=nil)
return self[Kernel.rand(size)] if n.nil?
n = n.to_int
rescue Exception => e
raise TypeError, "Coercion error: #{n.inspect}.to_int => Integer failed:\n(#{e.message})"
raise TypeError, "Coercion error: obj.to_int did NOT return an Integer (was #{n.class})" unless n.kind_of? Integer
raise ArgumentError, "negative array size" if n < 0
n = size if n > size
result =
n.times do |i|
r = i + Kernel.rand(size - i)
result[i], result[r] = result[r], result[i]
result[n..size] = []
end unless method_defined? :sample
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