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  • Move configuration of asset precompile list and version to an initializer.

    Matthew Draper

  • Do not set the Rails environment to test by default when using test_unit Railtie.

    Konstantin Shabanov

  • Remove sqlite3 lines from .gitignore if the application is not using sqlite3.

    Dmitrii Golub

  • Add public API to register new extensions for rake notes.


    config.annotations.register_extensions("scss", "sass") { |tag| /\/\/\s*(#{tag}):?\s*(.*)$/ }

    Roberto Miranda

  • Removed unnecessary rails application command.

    Arun Agrawal

  • Make the rails:template rake task load the application's initializers.

    Fixes #12133.

    Robin Dupret

  • Introduce Rails.gem_version as a convenience method to return, suggesting a more reliable way to perform version comparison.


    Rails.version #=> "4.1.2"
    Rails.gem_version #=> #<Gem::Version "4.1.2">
    Rails.version > "4.1.10" #=> false
    Rails.gem_version >"4.1.10") #=> true"~> 4.1.2") =~ Rails.gem_version #=> true

    Prem Sichanugrist

  • Avoid namespacing routes inside engines.

    Mountable engines are namespaced by default so the generated routes were too while they should not.

    Fixes #14079.

    Yves Senn, Carlos Antonio da Silva, Robin Dupret

Please check 4-1-stable for previous changes.

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