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  • Purpose metadata for signed/encrypted cookies.

    Rails can now thwart attacks that attempt to copy signed/encrypted value of a cookie and use it as the value of another cookie.

    It does so by stashing the cookie-name in the purpose field which is then signed/encrypted along with the cookie value. Then, on a server-side read, we verify the cookie-names and discard any attacked cookies.

    Enable action_dispatch.use_cookies_with_metadata to use this feature, which writes cookies with the new purpose and expiry metadata embedded.

    Pull Request: #32937

    Assain Jaleel

  • Raises ActionController::RespondToMismatchError with confliciting respond_to invocations.

    respond_to can match multiple types and lead to undefined behavior when multiple invocations are made and the types do not match:

    respond_to do |outer_type|
      outer_type.js do
        respond_to do |inner_type|
          inner_type.html { render body: "HTML" }

    Patrick Toomey

  • ActionDispatch::Http::UploadedFile now delegates to_path to its tempfile.

    This allows uploaded file objects to be passed directly to without raising a TypeError:

    uploaded_file = tmp_file)

    Aaron Kromer

  • Pass along arguments to underlying get method in follow_redirect!

    Now all arguments passed to follow_redirect! are passed to the underlying get method. This for example allows to set custom headers for the redirection request to the server.

    follow_redirect!(params: { foo: :bar })

    Remo Fritzsche

  • Introduce a new error page to when the implicit render page is accessed in the browser.

    Now instead of showing an error page that with exception and backtraces we now show only one informative page.

    Vinicius Stock

  • Introduce ActionDispatch::DebugExceptions.register_interceptor

    Exception aware plugin authors can use the newly introduced .register_interceptor method to get the processed exception, instead of monkey patching DebugExceptions.

    ActionDispatch::DebugExceptions.register_interceptor do |request, exception|
      HypoteticalPlugin.capture_exception(request, exception)

    Genadi Samokovarov

  • Output only one Content-Security-Policy nonce header value per request.

    Fixes #32597.

    Andrey Novikov, Andrew White

  • Move default headers configuration into their own module that can be included in controllers.

    Kevin Deisz

  • Add method dig to session.

    claudiob, Takumi Shotoku

  • Controller level force_ssl has been deprecated in favor of config.force_ssl.

    Derek Prior

  • Rails 6 requires Ruby 2.4.1 or newer.

    Jeremy Daer

Please check 5-2-stable for previous changes.