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  • Make URL escaping more consistent:

    1. Escape '%' characters in URLs - only unescaped data should be passed to URL helpers
    2. Add an escape_segment helper to Router::Utils that escapes '/' characters
    3. Use escape_segment rather than escape_fragment in optimized URL generation
    4. Use escape_segment rather than escape_path in URL generation

    For point 4 there are two exceptions. Firstly, when a route uses wildcard segments (e.g. *foo) then we use escape_path as the value may contain '/' characters. This means that wildcard routes can't be optimized. Secondly, if a :controller segment is used in the path then this uses escape_path as the controller may be namespaced.

    Fixes #14629, #14636 and #14070.

    Andrew White, Edho Arief

  • Add alias ActionDispatch::Http::UploadedFile#to_io to ActionDispatch::Http::UploadedFile#tempfile.

    Tim Linquist

  • Returns null type format when format is not know and controller is using any format block.

    Fixes #14462.

    Rafael Mendonça França

  • Improve routing error page with fuzzy matching search.


  • Only make deeply nested routes shallow when parent is shallow.

    Fixes #14684.

    Andrew White, James Coglan

  • Append link to bad code to backtrace when exception is SyntaxError.

    Boris Kuznetsov

  • Swapped the parameters of assert_equal in assert_select so that the proper values were printed correctly

    Fixes #14422.

    Vishal Lal

  • The method shallow? returns false if the parent resource is a singleton so we need to check if we're not inside a nested scope before copying the :path and :as options to their shallow equivalents.

    Fixes #14388.

    Andrew White

  • Make logging of CSRF failures optional (but on by default) with the log_warning_on_csrf_failure configuration setting in ActionController::RequestForgeryProtection.

    John Barton

  • Fix URL generation in controller tests with request-dependent default_url_options methods.

    Tony Wooster

Please check 4-1-stable for previous changes.

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