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9c6f348 Jul 20, 2016
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  • Support calling the method merge in scope's lambda.

    Yasuhiro Sugino

  • Fixes multi-parameter attributes conversion with invalid params.

    Hiroyuki Ishii

  • Add newline between each migration in structure.sql.

    Keeps schema migration inserts as a single commit, but allows for easier git diffing.

    Fixes #25504.

    Grey Baker, Norberto Lopes

  • The flag error_on_ignored_order_or_limit has been deprecated in favor of the current error_on_ignored_order.

    Xavier Noria

  • Batch processing methods support limit:

    Post.limit(10_000).find_each do |post|
      # ...

    It also works in find_in_batches and in_batches.

    Xavier Noria

  • Using group with an attribute that has a custom type will properly cast the hash keys after calling a calculation method like count. Fixes #25595.

    Sean Griffin

  • Fix the generated #to_param method to use omission: '' so that the resulting output is actually up to 20 characters, not effectively 17 to leave room for the default "...". Also call #parameterize before #truncate and make the separator: /-/ to maximize the information included in the output.

    Fixes #23635.

    Rob Biedenharn

  • Ensure concurrent invocations of the connection reaper cannot allocate the same connection to two threads.

    Fixes #25585.

    Matthew Draper

  • Inspecting an object with an associated array of over 10 elements no longer truncates the array, preventing inspect from looping infinitely in some cases.

    Kevin McPhillips

  • Removed the unused methods ActiveRecord::Base.connection_id and ActiveRecord::Base.connection_id=.

    Sean Griffin

  • Ensure hashes can be assigned to attributes created using composed_of. Fixes #25210.

    Sean Griffin

  • Fix logging edge case where if an attribute was of the binary type and was provided as a Hash.

    Jon Moss

  • Handle JSON deserialization correctly if the column default from database adapter returns '' instead of nil.

    Johannes Opper

  • Introduce ActiveRecord::TransactionSerializationError for catching transaction serialization failures or deadlocks.

    Erol Fornoles

  • PostgreSQL: Fix db:structure:load silent failure on SQL error.

    The command line flag -v ON_ERROR_STOP=1 should be used when invoking psql to make sure errors are not suppressed.


    psql -v ON_ERROR_STOP=1 -q -f awesome-file.sql my-app-db

    Fixes #23818.

    Ralin Chimev

Please check 5-0-stable for previous changes.