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# frozen_string_literal: true
# Some non-image blobs can be previewed: that is, they can be presented as images. A video blob can be previewed by
# extracting its first frame, and a PDF blob can be previewed by extracting its first page.
# A previewer extracts a preview image from a blob. Active Storage provides previewers for videos and PDFs:
# ActiveStorage::Previewer::VideoPreviewer and ActiveStorage::Previewer::PDFPreviewer. Build custom previewers by
# subclassing ActiveStorage::Previewer and implementing the requisite methods. Consult the ActiveStorage::Previewer
# documentation for more details on what's required of previewers.
# To choose the previewer for a blob, Active Storage calls +accept?+ on each registered previewer in order. It uses the
# first previewer for which +accept?+ returns true when given the blob. In a Rails application, add or remove previewers
# by manipulating +Rails.application.config.active_storage.previewers+ in an initializer:
# Rails.application.config.active_storage.previewers
# # => [ ActiveStorage::Previewer::PDFPreviewer, ActiveStorage::Previewer::VideoPreviewer ]
# # Add a custom previewer for Microsoft Office documents:
# Rails.application.config.active_storage.previewers << DOCXPreviewer
# # => [ ActiveStorage::Previewer::PDFPreviewer, ActiveStorage::Previewer::VideoPreviewer, DOCXPreviewer ]
# Outside of a Rails application, modify +ActiveStorage.previewers+ instead.
# The built-in previewers rely on third-party system libraries. Specifically, the built-in video previewer requires
# {FFmpeg}[]. Two PDF previewers are provided: one requires {Poppler}[],
# and the other requires {muPDF}[] (version 1.8 or newer). To preview PDFs, install either Poppler or muPDF.
# These libraries are not provided by Rails. You must install them yourself to use the built-in previewers. Before you
# install and use third-party software, make sure you understand the licensing implications of doing so.
class ActiveStorage::Preview
class UnprocessedError < StandardError; end
attr_reader :blob, :variation
def initialize(blob, variation_or_variation_key)
@blob, @variation = blob, ActiveStorage::Variation.wrap(variation_or_variation_key)
# Processes the preview if it has not been processed yet. Returns the receiving Preview instance for convenience:
# blob.preview(resize_to_fit: [100, 100]).processed.service_url
# Processing a preview generates an image from its blob and attaches the preview image to the blob. Because the preview
# image is stored with the blob, it is only generated once.
def processed
process unless processed?
# Returns the blob's attached preview image.
def image
# Returns the URL of the preview's variant on the service. Raises ActiveStorage::Preview::UnprocessedError if the
# preview has not been processed yet.
# This method synchronously processes a variant of the preview image, so do not call it in views. Instead, generate
# a stable URL that redirects to the short-lived URL returned by this method.
def service_url(**options)
if processed?
raise UnprocessedError
def processed?
def process
previewer.preview { |attachable| image.attach(attachable) }
def variant, variation).processed
def previewer
def previewer_class
ActiveStorage.previewers.detect { |klass| klass.accept?(blob) }